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'Incredibly Important Moment': Warren Endorses Congressional Progressive Primary Challengers Jessica Cisneros and Marie Newman

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/09/incredibly-important-moment-warren-endorses-congressional-progressive-primary

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Good for her.


C’mon, to not have made these endorsements was unthinkable.

Let’s not forget, Warren is hardly a profile in courage when it comes to endorsements. Exhibit A: 2016.


Maybe after the meetings with Clinton lately she got permission

I remain skeptical


Good thing Congressional Progressives have been endorsed. It’s interesting because Warren voted for the NDAA in 2018 (one of the pieces of legislature designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution) which is an unpatriotic vote.I know, I know, people can change but I’m not gonna hold my breath. She probably just wanted some good PR…


Both candidates are also supported by Our Revolution (Bernie Sanders).


I like Howard Lisnoff’s little memoir:

Bernie Sanders is a mild reformer within the capitalist/corporate/militarized Democratic Party, but still to the liberal left of Elizabeth Warren, who has admitted to wanting to salvage and save capitalism. The latter is like opening a deck chair rental enterprise on the boat deck of the Titanic after midnight on April 15, 1912. What else could readers expect from a former Republican?

Underground Notes From a 2016 Sandernista


As a Green Party member, I’m sensitive to the lesser of two evils trap. But standing above the fray isn’t a long-term solution. Without us, business as usual carries on, further enriching the rich, further empowering the powerful, further rushing us toward a Mad Max future.

Last election I kept away the blues by giving my $27 to various candidates, most of whom lost, but several, like Deb Haaland and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, won. It’s a pleasure when AOC thumbs her nose at Trump and the Demo establishment.

I just contributed my 27 bucks to Cisneros and Newman. They passed my litmus test – supporting Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. Not perfect, but then, I’m not either. And who knows, maybe one of them will win.


Not that I don’t trust Warren and I like that she’s trying to be more progressive, but Trump could destroy her in the debates like he did to every other candidate.

I think Trump met his match with an honest, informed, experienced and quick witted old Senator, and he knows it.


The DP establishment knows it too. But they’d rather take a gamble with a risky bet than allow Sanders to rock the boat from the White House. I believe that is why Warren is getting some big $ donations, and why she’s running: to make sure that Sanders, with his radical platform and inability to be bought, isn’t the candidate.


Forgive me for being cynical (as i am with most press releases about Warren), but I suspect that this is perhaps one more act attributable more to campaign strategy than to any commitment to progressive leanings. It gives Warren badly-needed “progressive” creds - which she needs badly to persuade the activist base. That the endorsed are female candidates challenging male incumbents for their seats doesn’t hurt that image and may further boost identity-politics-focused support.

But if these challengers are actually progressive, then whatever her motives, I’m glad she endorsed them.


I think she’s doing what she has to to gun for Sanders’ core base. They’re largely fighting for the same votes, with the exception of the gender-addled that will automatically go for Liz.

Sanders got an early bump with his affiliation with the “squad” or whatever name the AOC clique has, and perhaps Liz is trying to get some of that same mojo.


Sen.Warren is distancing herself from Pelosi a bit, here. She wants to go after Pelosi’s money trees with breaking up Big Tech & Metadata, Inc.
It’s going to play well with those who’d like to get at The Zuck, Thiele, Bezos, etc.


It appears that Warren is appealing to upper income and highly educated people, which tend to be whiter and more economically privileged. It also seems that a number of people that supported Harris had Warren as their second pick, which makes no sense if policy was front and center. Seems that identity is big there, and Harris’s collapse seems to have benefited Warren a bit. If Biden drops out, as it stands now, Bernie stands to benefit more than anyone else, which explains why the establishment is pushing Warren so hard now. They see how shaking Biden is, and they would collectively lose their marbles if Bernie got a solid lead, should Biden implode or exit the stage, which he should for us all. No other candidates in Biden’s area ideologically are doing well, and those in power can see a scenario where it is Bernie vs Warren. Between the two, it is a no brainer, Warren all day for them. But I don’t think she is nearly as good on a number of fronts, and has a number of things that concerns me and others on the left. I don’t think she will be nearly as good of a general election matchup with Trump, and there are things in her past that will be an issue in the general election. She is better than Biden and Clinton, and most others running, but honestly, to me, that says more about Biden, Clinton and others running than her. If the Democrats were an actually progressive party, and if our country wasn’t off the charts nuts and right wing politically, she would be the right flank in a social democratic or socialist party. As it stands, her moderately progressive stances on issues are somewhere on the left flank in that party, and that is if you trust her on many issues. I don’t, especially on single payer, foreign policy and other issues. Given what is coming for us environmentally, Bernie should be considered to be very moderate, given the changes we need. But, as it stands, he blows her and everyone else out the water on that issue, among others.

In regards to these races, I don’t think her endorsement is newsworthy really, but it certainly isn’t a bad thing either. The Democrats these two women are challenging are far right wing Democrats, and many other progressive groups have already been on board. But, it certainly is not a bad thing. I remember progressive blogs pumping up Beto when he was running against Cruz. I also remember people expecting Obama to be more than what he turned out to be. I think Warren, if given power, would be a lot closer to them than Bernie. Ultimately, I think the people in charge of the Democratic Party would rather nuke the entire party than hand it over to Bernie though, and as the Democrats have argued in court, they really don’t have to ask anyone who they want to nominate for president if they don’t want to. If Bernie has any chance of winning, which he does, I think he still has a better chance than her to get more support, they will do a bunch of things in NY and California again to deny him the nomination. And my guess is that once this undemocratic party goes to the second round and the oligarchs called superdelegates get their say, their support will be contingent on who that person picks as their VP. If the nominee is not Bernie, then anyone looking for support from superdelegates will not be allowed to name Bernie as their VP, you can book that.


That report, if true, would be the final straw for me. If you work with a Clinton, you get corruption on yourself. She’s capitalist at her core, and capitalism is on the way to ending humans. Being a human, I understand that Liz is my existential opponent now.


Yeah, right…

So I guess you won’t be supporting Bernie because he worked with both Clinton’s??? This needs to happen from the bottom up not top down. And yes this is a big deal --she along with Bernie are trying to reshape the democrat party -----from what I understand in Massachusetts every democrat running for the house has a primary challenger----THIS IS HOW CHANGE HAPPENS-----so what green candidates will be staking out a fight to win a seat in the House???

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Warren haters, get over yourselves.
Warren isn’t Bernie, FDR, or Henry Wallace. Bernie is by far the president we need.
But Warren is a lot better than any of the other 2016 candidates and is moving more and more towards full-on progressivism.
I’d love to see Warren, AOC, Bernie and others hitting hard against all corporate Dems and the GOP Trump cult.
If you want to slag Warren, that’s your choice, but it comes across as a combination of sexism and stupidity. She’s not perfect, but she’s way better than Hilarity, Biden, Mayor Petey, Kamel-ugh, etc.


I’m a Bernie bro, but frankly, if Warren was the candidate I’d be thrilled. She’s miles ahead of Biden or Harris or Trump or Clinton or Obama. She’d be the my favorite Democratic candidate since McGovern and have a way better chance at winning.


What have the Democrats done for you in the last 30 years? Being a lesser odious choice does not earn my vote. I like Bernie - his credibility is over half a century old, but I know the Democrat Party Corp. already is corrupting the primaries. I don’t believe Elizabeth Warren, a 1990’s Republican, is a committed Progressive, she’s more like Newt Gingrich. I see the corporate-owned oligarchs’ tools pivoting to Warren. If they can trust her, I can’t.

I trust Bernie, Tulsi, and no other Democrat Party Corp. candidate enough to vote for. And I don’t think that either one of those is perfect, that’s just the most compromising I’m willing to do to vote for a party that has bullshitted me my whole life and has acted in opposition to their campaign promises every time. Hope and Change has been trumped by Observe and Understand.