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'Indefensible and Disgusting': Senate Departs for 3-Day Weekend as Unemployment Benefits Expire for 30 Million

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/31/indefensible-and-disgusting-senate-departs-3-day-weekend-unemployment-benefits

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How much of this is simply incompetence? Because i have to believe that at least some of this is intentionally malicious.


Mitch is after destroying the Union, a Confederate’s dream. This obvious FU to the people needs to see us all out in the streets and staying in the streets.


Do you think the voters in K will be happy with Mitch? Surely some of them will be impacted by this move.


I do not think many will be happy but Mitch does not seem to be concerned whether or not he is re-elected as he made his fortune and doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about the GOP either.

From The Lincoln Project:



True, but thanks to the corporate democrats the people of Kentucky are now faced with the choice between Mitch, and Mitch-lite. Same great taste, without (as much) racism.


When Lincoln welcomed the traitorous confederates back into the Union he permitted the confederacy to survive and thrive in USA until such time that they could rise up again.
The South paid no price for their insurrection. Sure, they had to pay their slaves as sharecroppers after the war, but thanks to Jim Crow, chattel slavery existed in the USA until the 1960’s.
In most every measurable quantity, the confederacy won the civil war.


They claim that the unemployed simply don’t want to work, yet they are the ones that without doing a thing to solve the problem went on yet another vacation. Why in the world are they getting paid when they are purposefully refusing to do their jobs. They should be docked their pay and fined for every hour they don’t do anything. Maybe losing some money from their unearned salaries, will force them to do hat someone with even an iota of human decency and empathy would have done months ago.


We are just the gravel on the road to their riches.


Hey , if there’s a difference , there’s a difference .
One republican will run you over while the other will run you over and then back up . You have a slightly better chance of surviving with the one that doesn’t back up. (-:

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The true shame here seems lost on most. The shame is that $600 a week, the equivalent of $15 an hour for a full time worker, was more than the average American makes. And now many of those service, retail, and temp workers face the elimination of even those meager but proud jobs.
The inequity in the system is laid bare. The next five years may prove the worst five in US history.


There isn’t any error here as far as the republicans are concerned, they know exactly what they are deliberately doing. It comes down to this: who and what these people are is a delusion. the majority of congress, (House and senate), are in fact organized crime, and as long as people think of them as elected government representatives it will never make sense why they never ever represent Americans. Once one accepts that they are organized crime, everything they do makes perfect sense and there ins never any confusion, or more accurately, there is never any cognitive dissonance. Equally, the interests they serve are amoral and organized crime syndicates, (Big business), these amoral thugs figured out a long time ago that buying police and government officials meant they could literally change the laws so that their amoral activities were no longer illegal.


“ The next five years may prove the worst five in US history “
As opposed to the last four ? Yikes

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The fallout from coronavirus is only now beginning. It was not likely at any point that this was going to be a one month shutdown, which is what a high percentage of the closed businesses thought. Now the reality is becoming more apparent, this will likely go on for many years without a highly successful and well implemented vaccine. Businesses which had a high population density will never recover unless the virus is fully eradicated, and the virus cannot be fully eradicated by a criminal organization like the US government who is amoral in general, and only serves greed and privilege, and never ever considers the common interests of the same society that the government was long since stolen from. Such thugs apparently cannot grasp that the common interests of a society have to some extent a symbiotic relationship with corporate profits. Up till now the largest and richest corporations were able to divide between themselves trillions of money that they government took from blue collar workers taxes, so it hasn’t really hurt them yet.


I have used your recipe from the civil war to suggest that Bin Laden won the invasion and the war. Sadly we killed a million or more middle-easterners in retribution.

Now we can say our bombs work just fine, but our try at humanity sucks.


The situation is worse than that. Through U.S. militarism, World Bank “loans,” IMF austerity and international “trade agreements,” the Confederacy has conquered most of the world.


Good points all.
In truth we have become Orwell’s “Oceana”

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What is the old saying about about the first casualty of war being the truth?
The American Confederacy was the ultimate expression of fascism. That infection as you aptly stated, is now spreading throughout the world.


It’s BOTH theatrics and gleeful malevolence (designating as “essential,” 1099/gig, minority, refugees; then flipping their deceased loved ones’ homes, OR evicting them from rent-controlled apartments). Slumlord DNC superdelegates just voided HOW many ballots? It’s ickky, but if we don’t buy into it, we’re apparently FOR Trump, commie jihadists? Just as obviously: as our long-term symptoms go chronic, cause disabilities, indenture survivors with ever more usurious surprise out-of-network ER, ICU, PhARMA, SNF bills & final expenses; both parties will be tag-teaming us & school kids are a far better vector than bars, churches or mass transit.

~https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/30/health/coronavirus-children.html (boy, am i SHOCKED!)

~https://www.currentaffairs.org/2020/07/you-deserve-to-be-protected-at-work/ (deserve… workers, DESERVE?!?)

~https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamacardiology/fullarticle/2768916 (cantankerous trolls, in 5… 4… 3…)

~https://www.moonofalabama.org/2020/07/covid-19-update-heart-damage-and-aerosols.html (check links)


The Republicon dominated Senate leaves town when millions are being hurt existentially, thus showing they really don’t give a shite about the “little people” in America.

So who do they care about and serve by the things they support and bills they pass? Clearly not the 99%, but great wealth, corporate power, health-care thieves, big-pharma drug-pushers, banker/wall Street piracy and usury, obscene military funding & for-profit wars, ignoring systemic racism and police-state brutality/murders, empowering polluters who threaten millions via deadly air and water quality, allowing poisoned/threatened safe food supply, ignoring scientific research on the global pandemic and life-threatening man-made catastrophic climate change - THAT agenda or lack of it is “Conservative” ??

I think that somehow when the sleepwalking public; “conservatives”, the “religious” right, people who care about community but are betrayed daily finally wake-up, they might tear these malignant monsters apart, and rightly so! That should be the case for DP betrayals as well!

The trump nightmare just the rotting criminal tip of the corrupt American government iceberg of betrayal and theft from the people it has become!

Betrayals of these sorts and more aren’t limited to conservatives, or RepubliCons, but to the other dominant political party - the DP - same betrayals, softer dialogue - that all too often and predictably, also serve many of the same destructive, poisonous interests that screw the people, like tax-cuts for the wealthiest and refusal to RESTORE progressive tax rates on individuals, dynastic families, corporations, offshore frauds and crimes.

The truth and bottom-line is both political parties serve wealth and power, NOT the public, environment or Common Good! From Reagan to the Bush’s and the malignant child nutter trump, and from the Clinton’s to Obama to “presumptive nominee” life-long sellout Joe “banker shill” Biden, the Hillary 2.0 deception for the status quo and business as fuckin usual!

Take NY Dem Governor Andy Cuomo for instance, who refuses to restore fair taxation on the wealthiest, citing some BS that “if I do that, they might move” - utter rubbish and mealy-mouthed lies as usual from him. The $7.6 Billion Exelon nuke plant bailouts

~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/31/cuomo-new-york-governor-billionaires-super-rich Cuomo refuses to restore fair taxation

~https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/06/20/cuomos-nuke-bailout-right-out-trump-playbook Cuomo’s nuke plant bailout giveaway

~http://fiscalpolicy.org/the-path-not-taken-how-new-york-state-increased-the-tax-burden-on-the-middle-class-and-cut-taxes-for-its-highest-income-taxpayers-by-over-8-billion-a-year How NY gave Billions to wealthiest in 1972 - never restored!