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'Indefensible': MSNBC's Chuck Todd Under Fire for Reciting Quote Comparing Sanders Supporters to Nazis

Oh, so sorry. Are militaristic buzzwords like brigade now out of style in the US of Army? Well excuse us for being organized.
You better learn how to swim or you’ll sink like a stone!

Having Chuck Todd as any kind of news person is like having Alfred E. Newman sit for Santa Claus.

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I have just one point to make here, and that is that I WOULD be backing the media, including Chris Todd, if they were doing their duty under our system, of reporting the NEWS, and NOT their own uneducated opinions.

For the reason I object to that, see FUX Noise, the channel that wholly eschews any actual news, in order to burden our brains with their idea of what ought to be right, er, Reich… and no, MSNBC, ABC, and CNN are NOT far behind…


Uh, “oriental” voters?? Do you mean Asian American voters?

Yeah, Chuck.

We the People ARE standing up to
seven-figure, mainstream media talking heads, trying to maintain your own fat-cat status, while trampling the rest of us under your designer-clad feet.


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Bernie and Trump operate the same? Hmmmm. Maybe it’s a New Yorker thing. LOL

Another liar, using a fake screen name, to post the exact same comment as a commenter with another screen name posted on CD before.
Your talking points are from the Hillary Shillary wing of the Democratic party and if a corporate tool like Chuck Todd is your “hero,” I feel sorry for you.
Bernie is definitely FDR 2.0 and I’m sure a regressive like you would have slagged the original FDR too, because he said the same things Bernie says, but with a much harsher tone.
He even said, “I welcome their hatred” in reference to bankers, and said that his wealthy friends who didn’t like higher taxes were free to leave America if they didn’t want to contribute to rebuilding it.
You’re not a progressive at all. You’re a pathetic, dishonest troll.
And a whiny little snowflake.
Now go to your safe space and screech tearfully about how Bernie Bros terrorized you online, tantrum baby.

Corporate media MSNBC quoting right-wing media, what a surprise!

I find it absolutely bizarre that supposedly knowledgeable people have such a stupid concept of totalitarian forms of government. Conflating socialists with brown shirts is way beyond the pale of stupidity. Chuck Todd needs to take a tenth grade civics class, then find a job that he is good at. I thought for a while that he had finally grown a pair when he started actually asking pertinent questions of people like Mike Pence but I guess he was just casting about for a new look.

All I can do is express why I oppose Sen Sanders. It’s not my intent to offend or even change someone’s belief, but it’s my hope that alternative perspectives can break the spell of darkness we find ourselves in.

I believe in democracy and liberalism…and unfortunately I think the Sanders movement has strayed from these values too far.