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Indelible In the Hippocampus: Epstein's Accusers Speak Out

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/28/indelible-hippocampus-epsteins-accusers-speak-out

Am I the only one who thinks its odd that there’s no real talk of bring Maxwell to justice? Just because Jeffy got away, doesn’t mean there’s not other fish to fry.


Until I see the video of that monster offing himself I refuse to consider it suicide. Wouldn’t any responsible media people at least put “alleged” in front of “suicide” whenever they refer to it?


The chance of that asshole committing suicide is about the same as standing atop the Empire State building in a hurricane, turning your back to the railing, and tossing a penny back over your shoulder and expecting it to land on its end.


Corporate Predator State doing it’s thing: rich man poor victims, pay-to-play morally bankrupt legal system letting a rich predator rape dozens for years without consequences, and still letting rich accomplices like Maxwell go!


I too survived to tell my story. I was robbed, all of the Courts records are sealed. Even the Courts advocate couldn’t talk to me about them being sealed, I had to read between the lines. Just like Jeffy offing himself, it is bitter sweet.


“irreparable damage and pain” they will carry for the rest of their lives, and their belief now is the time to “bring light to the darkness”

Epstein’s crimes as those perpetrated by other rapists do change the life trajectory of their victims. This happened to my own mother who cannot speak for herself who died at the age of only 28 after bearing a child to her rapist. The stress alone can be enough to tigger cancer and or other illnesses.

It boggles the mind how other human beings are so lacking in their humanity but it does highlight how we are in an existential threat to our collective survival and the abuse of Mother Earth and women in general, some men too and indigenous peoples around the globe.


Exactly why I said “got away”. Others might be satisfied he’s dead, but I believe there’s enough indirect circumstantial evidence to believe he might still be alive. The fact that Maxwell has never been arrested, even before his mysterious “death”, is just one of those pieces of evidence.


My biggest fear is that the supposed continuation of the investigation is going to quietly die after uncovering nothing of consequence, with every rich and connected pedophile free as birds.


The guy was a telling example of what’s wrong in our world, but a very unlikely suicide.
The testimony of his victims - the collateral damage - is a sad and disturbing spectacle.

Offed before he could spill the beans, and it wasn’t in the interest of ‘justice’.
And his handler Maxwell is still out there.


As I said upon hearing reports of the accidental death of Reagan’s DCI Bill Casey, “I’ll believe it when I’ve poked the body with a stick.”


Yeah, I believe in coincidences, but when they start stacking up like cordwood related to the same issue, not so much.


Often before they’re scheduled to testify under oath…


Very good point!. To accumulate as much money as he did the Monster must have had a really effective protection racket. Perhaps one that would activate and drag down all his “clients” upon an untimely death. We’ll know more when the FBI releases all the information they found on the island…


Your last sentence is a snark, right? I have zero faith in the truth from any of our alphabets.

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yes, definitely a snark! I’ll bet that island was crawling with all kinds of alphabet agents hoping to be the first to find the dirt so they could in turn use it for their agency’s own nefarious ends.