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Indentured Regression: Marco Rubio Thinks College Students Should Be Sharecroppers


Indentured Regression: Marco Rubio Thinks College Students Should Be Sharecroppers

Pierre Tristam

If you listen closely not every part of the presidential election campaign has been hijacked by Donald Trump and his apprentice dunces. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders may not have a chance, but he’s the anti-Trump and anti-Hillary all in one: he is so serious that he can’t be bothered with the oily niceties of the campaign trail or the oilier slickness of PR flackers. He’s all plans: a higher minimum wage, a single-payer health care system, ending corporations’ free tax ride, and so on. In comparison Clinton is a muddle of dullness and predictability.


Thank you to the author for explaining this so well. I ignore Rubio to the extent I can (and, unfortunately there are limits). His idea would allow students to be treated like mortgages. Would there be derivatives based upon them? Yes, in the current financial system. This suggested further commodification of human beings is grotesque. Public education should go back into the commons rather than further into the free market dystopia to which it is being propelled.


C'mon, Mr. Trudeau... Hillary can't offend her corporate campaign donors and that's a hard fit when you need to talk a Progressive lingo to ensure a restless body politic that you might remotely protect THEIR interests.

Like any CIA-trained employee, denial and counter-allegations are as important as counter-narratives. Surely Hillary has been trained in all three.

Perhaps this "light touch" is to gently tweak your more Centrist readership:

"It’s as if she fears original ideas, at least those she cares to share with us beyond her private servers"

The truth is--were she to honestly announce her ideas, ONLY the 1% would vote for her.


I am sick and tired of those idiots at the top and their moronic ideas on how to make even more money off the people. If I were a Bible thumper, I would have long since called them the spawn of the devil.


"There are better ideas out there... cap loan repayments at 10 percent of income over 20
years, and forgive whatever remains of that debt at 20 years, with the government making up the cost at that point."

How about the Government loans the money to the student at nominal or no interest rate and thereby avoids making huge interest payments to private bankers?