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Independence Day Delusions


Independence Day Delusions

Paul Buchheit

We thank soldiers for our "freedom" as they travel to foreign lands to keep us free from dangers that are exacerbated by their presence in those foreign lands. Many of them return home facing lifelong battles with physical or mental injuries.

We rightfully give thanks for the many freedoms that are denied the citizens of countries like North Korea, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia. Among our many liberties, having the freedom to criticize our national leaders helps to make us a better people.


The One Percent will never redress anything until their hand is forced. Let's force it in Philadelphia once again!

Bernie Sanders is making History. No one knows how this is going to turn out. Get off your azzes and get to Philly if you can! We can't leave a good man like him hanging in the breeze! TPP is a deal-breaker! We cannot accept it!

We warned them! Now it's time to whip out the Trump Doomsday Weapon:

Dear Dem SuperDelegates: Sandman Supporters want you to:

The Dump Clinton Doomsday Weapon

And here's why it's going to work:

Look Out SuperDelegates!
Many of us Sandman supporters (>20 percent) will not vote for TPP-birthing, War-Clinton under any circumstances!
Are you prepared to lose another branch of government to the Repukes?

Do you see that Red 20% Wedge? That's me voting for Trump if Sanders is not nominated at the Democratic Convention. It's just enough to make you DNC scumbags lose the White House since this election is so close!

And that was back in May before we found out about all the cheating by Dirty Debbie Wasserman Shultz leaked emails when the DNC server was hacked according to accounts now in the public domain. It's gotta be more than 20 percent of Sander's Supporters intending to vote for Trump if Clinton is the Dem nominee. SuperDelegates, better think twice about nominating someone so hated.

(Note: Clinton claimed the TPP is the "Gold Standard of trade agreements"; Never mind that she now claims to be against the TPP monster that she helped create! And All of her six Dem Platform Representatives that she picked voted in favor of TPP! )

And this Rasmussen poll shows Trump beating Clinton 43 to 39 percent:

Dear SuperDelegates:
Bernie Sanders beats trump in virtually every national poll by double digits.
If you are smart you will dump Clinton, just like you did in 2008.
The Sandman Supporters


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  1. The Economic System is broken
    The is not just in the United States. But any nation who deals with the banks who have world wide reach. The Nordic Nations have come late to the table, and the entire planet s now subjugated to the "Growth is Good" Capitalistic model, which only drives the planet further into Oblivion. China is also part of the system, but they are doing their best to circumvent the worthless dollar. SSRs will translate better with Yuans in a few months. There is dramatic inflation in the US, but it is masked by economic trickery and product reduction in old packages. Dead money has more value than currency with velocity.If you speak truth to power, the effort to silence you will be immediate. Every minority knows this well. Free speech has been an antiquated concept since Reagan.

  2. The Justice System is broken
    Try being poor and in the right. The justice system only responds to large amounts of money. Your freedom is directly related to your bank account.

  3. The Accountability in Democracy is only available along class and/or racial lines.
    As there is nowhere to turn for those without money, the wealthy can literally do anything they please. Trump can talk out of both assholes, and the quickly drowning class kneel and say yes master. You can be raped by the wealthy and the justice system will rule without accountability to ensure the rapist's freedom.

  4. The Military and Media (M&M) do the bidding of the upper classes.
    Someone has to do a study on what percent of Television time shows a gun pointing at the viewer on the screen. You are constantly put in a state of fear by the main stream media. There is no doubt that massacres have to get extended coverage, but the true issues are then never discussed. The lay viewer is constantly subjected to the language of fear, with bloody visuals.

You begin to think like someone with no freedom. And that is exactly what the broken system wants.


Industrial hemp plants absorb carbon and grow at a rate faster than most other foliage.
But the fear Industrial complex wants to keep you in line.


Delusions! So many still labor under the delusion that we are free and exceptional. What a sad joke on us. I get emails showing soldiers and asking how many likes can this hero get? So, he's a hero because he's a soldier and fights for our freedom.
The perfect delusion for us to keep supporting wars.
The list of delusions spoon fed to us is long but you get the picture.
Bernie broke through many of them but its up to us to break through our own and give up the lesser evilism delusion.
Clinton cannot reach the levers of power, we have to stop her. She is very delusional and very corrupt. A Clinton in the White House can never happen again.


I think Buchheit paints too gloomy a picture, here. Hey, we're still free to buy the largest magnum rifle we want and blow a rabbit to smithereens. That should count for something. We're still free to buy the largest gas guzzling vehicle can find and there's plenty of them available. We're free to buy junk health insurance so we can avoid being taxed if we don't. We're still free to vote for the criminal of our choice offered up by the two major parties. We're still free to take low paying, worthless jobs when we ae lucky enough to find one. Lot's of freedoms left in this country. I'm sure we can add to this list. Anyone else?


A message from a political prisoner for "Independence Day".




"...criminal of our choice..."

Hillary is still 163 Pledged Delegates shy of the Nomination.

We'll know where we stand, and what to do, after the Convention.


Very, very nice article.


Thank you, Mr. Buchheit for your always insightful lists and statistical data.

I would add another:

Freedom from direct harm... based on the belief that government REGULATORY agencies are doing their job in protecting the public's health (rather than the profits of corporations).

And who is on the receiving end of this compromised branch of freedom?

  1. Anyone whose well water is close to a fracking operation
  2. Anyone who lives near a train that ships oil whether it's already had an accident or operates AS an accident waiting to happen
  3. Anyone who lives downwind of Monsanto's gen-tech "agricultural" operations
  4. Anyone who lives near a toxic waste dump
  5. Anyone who lives near an aging nuclear power plant
  6. Anyone who lives near a Superfund toxic waste site
  7. Anyone who lived downwind from the nuclear testing sites in the Southwest
  8. Anyone living along the Pacific or Gulf coasts and subject to oil spills and their impact upon marine life and the coastal communities

And, if TPP and TIPP pass... adding to the culture of lax regulation...

How many will consume toxic beef, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and lots of unlabeled gen. tech biological monstrosities?

Incidentally, in her book on "The Shadow Elite," author Janine Wedel explains that the whole privatization frenzy dislodges any chain of accountability. Whereas, when government agencies formerly ran the various agencies (and functions) before being privatized, in place were very real agencies of accountability.

This is very significant both from a legal standpoint and one that would make clear who is responsible in what situation.

Of course, here on C.D., the First-Up Squads of Message Shapers MUCH prefer the narrative that just blames EVERYONE equally... spreading the toxic waste out over the entire populace the way Mexican farmers "fertilize" their fields.


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"The trouble (is) that we don't have any self admitted Proletarians,
(everyone thinks of themselves as) a temporarily embarrassed Capitalist."


You chose correctly. I've told my boys and Grandson's enough to scare them off of that idea but my Grandson says they recruit at his high school. It makes me so angry.


That must be stopped. Set up picket lines ahead of time and do not let recruiters cross.


The phrase
Should be:
"Thank You for Your Service ...to the Empire"!
(To Which, at least as of now, we Do Not Pledge Allegiance .)



This is about as bad as it can get under this system of Capital above all else.
Moneys are donated both locally and from the Federal Government to help the homeless. The City Council decided to use those donations to pay for the costs of rounding up the homeless and seizing and disposing of their meager positions. The money went to a private firm to store and dispose of those goods.

This is beyond cruel. It beyond venal. It being called an "administrative error" but that a person could even conceive of such shows just how far gone the system is.


Typical of left-wing thinking. Actually the big majority of actors and baseball players make very little money. (You are thinking of stars and MLB. Most baseball players are minor league.) Both fields, acting and sports, have a lot of inequality.

To your main point, it is supply and demand. Just a day or two ago I heard a psychologist on NPR complain of the money to be made from handholding rich people, when the real need is among poor people with real mental illnesses that you mention. But there the problem is persuading the public that there is value in spending money on that.


A reminder: On this date in 1776 the 13 colonies declared their independence, meaning the independence of 13 states. They allied together to fight the British. The notion of forming a union and a new government over them came later.
-- We should do some serious rethinking about the 'union' business. We would probably free-er if we were 50 independent states. For example, Vermont could require GMO labeling (or ban the stuff entirely) and Federal government in Washington DC could say "No". If we were 50 independent states there would be no draft and no sending troops anywhere overseas.


The greatest delusions are summarized in the closing anthem phrase: "Land of the free / And the home of the brave."

So let's play ball. So much focus on the freedom part of it, but that is the secondary aspect. We become unfree out of cowardice. We trade our freedom for some form of certainty and security. This is the root of the problem: we have become hooked on our toys and our fantasies, and will sacrifice anything to maintain them. Including selling our freedom. So in order to sustain freedom, we need to stop being so frightened, stop being afraid of losing something. Freedom is an affirmation of life.