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India’s Authorities are Drowning 40,000 families


India’s Authorities are Drowning 40,000 families

Nick Meynen

International support for the Narmada Bachao Andolan or NBA movement, who defends the interests of the dam affected people in the Narmada valley, is pouring in. A letter to Prime Minister Modi send on 4 August was signed by civil society organisations from 29 countries asking him to order a reopening of the floodgates, which were closed last month. If he doesn’t act, another 192 villages inhabited by some 40.000 families will slowly disappear between now and the end of August.


it really upsets me when publications such as common dreams, use these misleading and inflammatory statements. yellow journalism is yellow journalism, wherever and whenever it is used.
please stop


Your umbrage is horribly “displaced.” Get your anger directed at the murderous criminals in suits who are indeed destroying the lives of these, and millions of other, people.