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Indian Farmers Continue Historic Protests After 250 Million People Rise Up Against Modi's Neoliberal Policies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/indian-farmers-continue-historic-protests-after-250-million-people-rise-against


Millions on strike! That is what is needed here. And let’s be smart about the targets.


I am horrified about how so many citizens are under the heels of Modi and the 120 billionaires. The new laws are inhumane and seem to benefit only the 120 billionaires. How sad it is— I never realized how much alike we as separate nations are. Their inhumane government is so much like the inhumane one we have in America—once said to be “land of the free—” apparently we are also the Land of the Fleeced. : (


250 million people is an impressive protest. I hope it is enough to push the policies back toward justice.


Modi is no more likely to have a change of heart than Biden is, and for the same reason. They have married both countries to the corporate mob with bad FTAS.

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A quarter of a billion people, protesting capitalism, just in one country - we are many, they are few.