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Indiana and Arkansas Retreat From Hate Laws. Florida Plows Ahead


Indiana and Arkansas Retreat From Hate Laws. Florida Plows Ahead.

Pierre Tristam

Not long before the U.S. Supreme Court issued its unanimous ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education, the 1954 decision that declared school segregation unconstitutional, Earl Warren, the chief justice, was at the White House for a stag party. President Eisenhower didn’t know how the court would rule. He was never in favor of desegregation. He worried that Warren was, and justly so: Warren was busy convincing even the court’s crustiest segregationists to join in, for the good of the nation.


Some humans gravitate to entities like the Westboro Baptist church because they lack peace within themselves and therefore find person who look, think, and act differently to be threatening.

Only an idiot jumps from the “evidence” of what a rather retrograde, if not spiritually-retarded demographic thinks and does to some glaring conclusion (or over-generalization) about “human nature.”

And by the way solider boy, if humans WERE wired to hate, the military would not have to work so hard in its Boot Camp indoctrination programs, nor would massive propaganda programs be necessary.

You ought to educate yourself rather than just shoot opinions from the hip…


Simply not true. Studies have shown that very young children do not show any hatred or intolerance of children of a different skin color or sex. Very young children are not old enough to understand Religion or other belief systems.

You mention the schoolyard.

The schoolyard is one place where Children LEARN these things and the Children there bring the prejudices of their society with them, either from their own households or the larger society around them. There is no evidence “hardwiring” which implies it genetic. It is taught behaviour.


Florida is like the (GOP) elephant’s graveyard for old white guys.

They roam the grassy golf courses and gather around watering holes to discuss how the country has gone to hell. They love to trumpet out their rage against Obama for the dual sin of being black and a Democrat.

So it’s no surprise that repressive right-wing legislation blooms amidst their droppings.