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Indiana Farmer Complaining about Estate Taxes with Trump Cashed $3.3 Million in Farmer Subsidy Checks


Indiana Farmer Complaining about Estate Taxes with Trump Cashed $3.3 Million in Farmer Subsidy Checks

Chuck Collins

How billionaires try to use farmers as props for tax cuts for the ultra-rich


Why is it so easy to give away $$$$$ to rich farmers and do nothing for the 99% ???
Yeah … this is the way of the world and politics USA.


Is he a farmer, or the owner of a farm? Kind of like the difference between a cashier and an executive for a retail corporation. Oh, and it seems he’s running for Congress.


Ever since Saint Ron’s wrecking crew started the myth of family farms being lost to estate taxes politicians keep getting more mileage out of that myth every time they want to enhance corporate welfare programs or give billionaires more tax breaks at our expense.

Research during the Dubya regime confirmed that nobody, including the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) could find any evidence that even one family farm had been lost to estate taxes. Farmers are smart enough to put their farms in trusts or other entities to avoid or defer taxes, including estate tax.


Yes, but even working farmers in most parts of the US are pretty well-off. I’ve never seen any poor farmers here in Pennsylvania - including - or maybe particularly, the Amish and Mennonite ones.


The answer isn’t to tax more, but rather to subsidize less. Why on earth is he getting more than a quarter-of-a-million dollars a year in free money?


I happen to be from an Indiana farming family owning a moderate-sized operation that has received just under a million dollars in the past 15 years or so. It is amazing how myopic my family members are in their hatred of government handouts and welfare, castigating minorities for being supported by the government while they suffer for it with higher taxes.


So were family farms at one time, Farmers in India are committing suicide and other countries are being bombed into compliance to the uniform agriculture act.


Excellent article, thank you.


Well, since he’s a rich A-hole, he’ll fit right in with the Congress.


I guess that holds true with corporate farming as well.


This is a DAMN RANCHER story – the guy isn’t a “farmer” in the sense of feeding people. He’s a welfare rancher who makes bank off of our unhealthy, environmentally catastrophic Big Corporate Ag food system.


This guy supplies toxic feed to cows. He’s not a farmer in the traditional sense by any means.


This guy keeps McDonalds’ burgers below $1. That’s his “gift” to the American people. Cancer in a bun.


The Estate Tax is intended to compensate for the tremendous delayed capital gains taxes which get wiped out with the estate tax setup. Taxes have been collected on less than 30% (I don’t know the real number) of the capital gains. For example if I buy a 100 shares of Microsoft 20 years ago all the gains in value have never been taxed. The same is true of the farmers acres that have increased in valu by a lot over the years – all untaxed.


Exactly. I can’t think of anything worthy of taxing the shit out of than all these ways people earn money for nothing - not even as much as a little callus on their pinkie finger. All wealth earned without sweat is ill-gotten, odious wealth. This is the core principle of just socialist society.


Because we subsidize the rich with money taken from the rest of us, farm subsidies is only one way we do it. Most of the farm subsidies go to the rich. Michelle Bachmann is one example of how someone can use land, claim not to grow crops on it and get 100K every year for doing nothing. The system is not set up to help the poor farmers.


Community farmers are also fighting corporate person-hood in Pennsylvania, and apparently winning:


The only poor people I ever saw near farms were the laborers.


why are there subsidies AT ALL?