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Indiana Governor Signs Law Legalizing Discrimination Against LGBTQ People


Indiana Governor Signs Law Legalizing Discrimination Against LGBTQ People

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence just signed into law controversial legislation that gives legal cover, under the guise of "religious liberties," to any businessor individual who wish to violate anti-discrimination laws.


As a Hoosier, this is just embarrassing. I know who this is directed at, and it will backfire. I have my religious beliefs and I want to be able to practice them. If I want freedom, this has to be extended to all!


We could very well look back on this moment as the first shot fired in America’s second civil war. Just like last time, it will be over states rights. On one side will be the states that respect human rights and reject religious fundamentalism. The other side will be the states of the new comfederacy, fighting for their perceived right to establish a Christian dominionist nation. A kind of catholic Taliban where everyone who is not a straight white male will be treated as a second class citizen, or worse.
Let the Atlanta witch trials begin…


As a fellow Indiana resident, I am also completely embarrassed by our state legislature & Gov. Mike “Little Man Syndrome” Pence! Hopefully, this BS law will be overturned by a federal judge, or SCOTUS…
But I’m not holding my breath.
The ignorance of Indiana lawmakers is unreal. And it has been this way for years! If Pence wins re-election, I guarantee that he will go down, as the worst governor in Indiana history. He is dangerous! As of right now, he’s 1 of the 5 worst governor’s in America. If Pence gets a 2nd term…
Watch Out!


Seems to me this bill and others like it will not withstand a legal challenge. So these haters are just pissing into the wind.


Especially if we disregard the Soviet Union under Stalin and China under Mao. The issue (or problem) isn’t religion but power. Whether we’re discussing the Taliban, Zionism, Catholicism or [officially] atheist states such as the former USSR, China and North Korea, it is the power that those at the top wield that is problematic.

In the end, I’m not sure your suggestion is a solution. Moreover, I think it irrationally assumes benevolence on the part of atheists by disregarding the old adage of the corrupting characteristic of power.


I’m not so sure. I view it as part of a larger movement to erode the Civil and Consitutional Rights of Americans. Each encroachment, erodes the rights of a minority group already demonized making the erosion palpable to larger majority. Today those demonized minorities are Muslims, African Americans, Latinos and the LGBT community. As legal challenges to draconian measures are upheld and continue (i.e. Guantanomo still open; Voting Right Act eviscrated; ICE/Homeland Security concentration camps; and now legalized discrimination against LGBTs), it gives impetus to the next encroachment.

First they came for…


Understanding government institutionalized discrimination is a lesson in the illusion of democracy, the rule of law and “black box voting”.


Of course we know the Christian Right is neither, (I grew up in that cult like atmosphere) and Atheists have a lot of compassion. Power is a strong drug no matter who wields it. My best friend is secular humanist and very evangelical. I have to point that out frequently in a playful way saying maybe that is her religion. My faith tells me to treat others the way I want to be treated. I know one does not have to be a Christian to follow this saying.


Because the Religious Freedom Restoration Act supported by Governor Pence was passed, I can honestly say that I’m ashamed of being a member of the Governor’s National Guard and can hardly wait to leave the military in August. #BoycottIndiana