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Indiana Is Not Protecting Religious Freedom But Outright Zealotry


Indiana Is Not Protecting Religious Freedom But Outright Zealotry

Roxane Gay

Religious freedom in the United States is protected by the Constitution. It’s strange to have to state the obvious, but the Indiana legislature and Governor Mike Pence seem to need a refresher on basic civics. On 26 March, Pence signed SB 101 into law, a bill which supposedly protects religious freedom, though in this instance, that freedom largely applies to business owners who want the right to refuse service to customers they disapprove of. As with the Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby, the state of Indiana is giving businesses the same rights as people.


This is but the tip of the iceberg, our country is trending toward further polarization and installments of the bigotry that is reminiscent of fascism. Not calling what is “fascism” that is occurring across our country what it is now will enable its further and insidious growth. The alienation of flesh and blood persons from their humanity by granting individual rights to institutions such as corporations and religions is not a democratic ideal; it is a fascist ideal and it needs to be both acknowledged and actively fought against.

The modern fascist uses the spectre of “communism” and “socialism” to eliminate workers and consumers from the Corporate dominance of governance.

Currently there is not the political will to recognize the trend which makes it all the more dangerous.

You don’t have to be affiliated with any Party to fight this … but you must recognize the wolf among us; seeking to divide the flocks to make them convenient for slaughter.

In Indiana, we will soon see signs on business doors … No Queers Here … think if we allow this, who among us is next … to have a stone cast at us with all that religious zealotry. We have so many Conservative concerned with the potentials of the imposition of Sharia Law; well the same Conservatives have just instituted their contribution to it.


It’s not just the US that’s “trending toward further polarization and installments of the bigotry that is reminiscent of fascism”; most of the world seems be going that way. Everywhere there are two sides, enmity between them is increasing and several Secret Government spy departments are there fanning the flames. Everywhere there is a group than can be scapegoated, the paranoid hatred of it is increasing. Currency conflicts are growing more intense with maneuvering that could conceivably terminally destabilize the global money systems (possibly really soon).

Explanations of these conflicts become complicated to the point of incomprehensibility. I’ve read long explanations of what’s leading to the conflict in the Ukraine and Crimea and Western Europe and NATO, and I don’t understand what the stakes are that have Russia and the US on the verge of nuclear war (Denmark is a threat to Russia?) and I don’t see what’s worth the risk to anyone. Some people believe Iran and Venezuela are “clear and present” threats to "the Free World, and others equally impassioned don’t. And does anyone understand petrodollars as the reserve currency?

No one seems to understand any of it in a way that makes it explainable, and no one in a position of any power is the least bit concerned about that.

No one understands why young people from “good homes” want to run off and join the Islamic State and die in an attempt to form a Caliphate state and impose what they say us Sharia law, especially young women who seem eager to go be sexually abused before they die in the line of duty.

The biggest problems are at the bottom of powerful people’s To Do List: environmental degradation, infrastructure including the electrical that underpins everything dangerously undermaintained, currencies in conditions of near total meltdown.

I think that in many people there is a grudge against the future for being so uncertain and scary and that is driving huge numbers of people – particularly those who think they have or should have power – to change things crazy because they sense that they don’t. This would also include, in my view, people who suddenly commit wack crimes. Shooting someone at least seems to make people feel as if they are taking decisive action even though in almost all cases they are throwing dynamite sticks into an already out of control raging wildfire. Locking out the pilot and crashing a plane, killing all aboard, with no attempt to say why may fit this theory too. The only other explanation is the religious end days apocalypse, and I can’t prove that wrong.


Actually Indiana is protecting religious freedom due to the hatred of gays found in the “holy” books of Judaism and its two offshoots of Christianity and Islam. It they were to expand religious freedom they would allow religious people from these three “revealed”/hearsay religions to kill gay men in accordance with Leviticus 20:13.

Already religious freedom allows parents who believe in the religious superstition of faith healing to kill their sick and/or injured children by withholding medical care from them for religious “reasons.”

I think the Deist Thomas Paine was correct when he wrote in The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition that we need a revolution in religion based on our innate God-given reason and Deism. This will do much to stop the hatred and religious violence and save the lives of innocent and helpless children.

Progress! Bob Johnson of the World Union of Deists


I am so glad I read your comment. What a wake up call. I Googled fascism and found this: Fourteen Defining
Characteristics Of Fascism

By Dr. Lawrence Britt. (I’m new here so can’t insert links.)
Looks way to similar to today’s Republican Party.

Would also like to throw into the discussion this thought: religion gets blamed for the radical thinking, crazy thinking, crazy behavior. But it isn’t religions fault. As a social worker I was quickly educated by those smarter than I that child molestation, rape are not sex crimes. They are crimes where sex is used in service to power. That’s why castration doesn’t work. Sex isn’t the cause. These zealots are using religion in service to power. It isn’t about religion. ISIS isn’t about religion. These politicians who claim Biblical whatever…isn’t about religion. They are about power, and religion serves as a means to an end. Just how Right Wing is “love your neighbor”…Jesus did not add qualifying criteria…there are no “yes, but.” See these people for what they are …wolves in sheep clothing. And have you noticed THEY are the ones comparing Obama to Hitler. “I doth think they protest too much.” They are experts at the defense mechanism: projection. Power, same motivation for the sexual predators, just a different means…usually.


Maybe the rigid religious right should be more concerned when it comes to how they are interpreting from their good books about LGBT persons. I think their interpretation is one of no responsibility. Shouldn’t the church take a proactive stand against endocrine disrupting chemicals in our environment? Could they please love the earth and its people and lobby against chemicals that cause Cryptorchidism, Hypospadias, Infertility/Subfertility, Turner Syndrome, autism, Parkinson’s, Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, cancers, etc. Our males are at risk. LGBT’s are fine the way they are. Love them and fight against endocrine disrupting chemicals in our environment. I think that is what the good book means.