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Indiana Just Sentenced a Woman Convicted of Feticide to 20 Years in Prison


Indiana Just Sentenced a Woman Convicted of Feticide to 20 Years in Prison

Michelle Goldberg

Indiana’s law allowing discrimination against gay people is not the only reason that the state deserves our opprobrium. It’s also about to become the first state to imprison a woman for what it says is the death of a baby born after an attempted abortion.


A Hand Maiden’s Tale…

One step closer to total control. Control the woman and you control life. This is the problem with some men, they have tiny dicks, and tiny dicks go with tiny brains. Then there are the big dicks…oh…wait! All of the big dicks are in Congress.



A pregnant woman should be allowed to end an unwanted “pregnasty” any way she wants to. Safely and legally, period. As a male, I’ve never had to deal with the dilemma, but I know I’d never want to be pregnant, and I don’t think any man has the right to tell any woman she has to give birth when she doesn’t want to. Nothing criminal should have been done to Ms. Patel, or any other woman who ends a pregnancy. I hope she wins her appeal. This law needs to be either repealed or declared unconstitutional.


Complex issue, but we’ve actually made big strides toward that goal, largely via the tangle of policies wrapped up in our “welfare reform.”


Wasn’t this infanticide? Twenty years seems horribly harsh though, what ever happened to common sense.
What seems to be lost on folks though, is that TWO people are always involved in termination of pregnancies.
Abortion isn’t birth control/prevention, its the taking of a life already formed, just the baby is not able to function outside the womb yet. There are plenty of ways to prevent conception, and if a unwanted pregnancy does occure, it is also far safer and healthier in the long run to have the baby rather than to abort it. Then give it up for adoption.
I had one child…bore it two months prematurely and then had my tubes tied to make sure of no other pregnancies, as further ones might have been harmfull to my health.
My son, was AWAIRE of his surroundings while still in the womb and responded to things around us… His toddler responses to music showed that he heard and liked what I had listened to in my work place during my pregnancy ( not my choice of music that I listened to anywhere else afterwords
An abortion is the taking of another persons life for the sake of convience of another persons life style. Mother Theresia called that a ‘poverty’ that one would do such so as to live the way they pleased.
Poisoning or carving up the preborns should indeed be a crime…it takes a human life.
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Aside from time limits (the fetus is viable in the last 3 months) I agree…