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Indianapolis: What the Public Schools Learned from the Charter Schools


Indianapolis: What the Public Schools Learned from the Charter Schools

Diane Ravitch

Indiana has been taken over by the forces of corporate school reform, under a succession of Republican governors devoted to school choice: Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence, now Eric Holcomb. The public schools got a brief respite when educator Glenda Ritz was elected State Commissioner in 2012, but Pence spent four years attacking her Office and taking away its powers. Indiana has the gamut of privatization reforms: charter schools, vouchers, cybercharters.


"The Mind Trust "

Apparently incorrect spelling of a name (whats in a name?), here. Missing is the 5th letter of the alphabet subjected to the privatization mafia. Key to ‘having your cake and eating it too’, is the establishment of doubt as to veracity of all notions put in print.

It is a mistake to consider static any dynamic intended to undermine. In fact, observation of politics in the ‘modern’ world show content and dynamic being flipped in and out as a matter of course. Trust is demonstrably being mined.


What is TFA? What is IFS? Apparently Ms. Ravitch missed the lesson that the first time an acronym is used, it needs to be defined in parenthesis.


TFA, for those who do not know is Teach for America, a program that throws recent and basically untrained college graduates into classrooms, the premise being that their energy and enthusiasm would pump life into K-12 education. It was rolling out as this (now) former university professor (and son of a ninth grade science teacher) rolled his eyes in disbelief. So many of the zombified university bots applauded in their effervescent naiveté. It should stand for “Takedown forever America”.


Indianapolis Public Schools
Teach for America


As serious as this issue is and this article explains very well, it is not exclusive to education. Medical treatment has some of the same disconnects. Just one example would be prescriptions. The route: clinic, doctor, physician assistant, pharmacist, and patient (consumer) So how does the patient check for accuracy. I don’t leave without a hard copy and they are now provided at the clinic. One outcome is that once a medication is filled you don’t have to take it but it can’t be used. This is just one tiny example.

There has to be a place for dialog otherwise it becomes a constant transition with its own characteristic flaws.


The author gave the definitions of these acronyms in the article. You just didn’t catch it.


This book should explain everything: The deep history of the radical right.
“Democracy in Chains”, Nancy MacLean


The meaning of the acronyms (in brackets rather than parenthesis) were not present when I read the article Sunday morning. They were added after my comment.


And I bet as people desperate for a job just out of the U., they work for really cheap too. Right?


I feel sad for American school teachers. They have been unfairly demonized by the right wing. The private sector greedily lusts after the education $. Experience and wisdom are not counted and not needed. No creativity required. You must teach to test. This is a whole co-opting of our system of education. Very sophisticated. Very much like a lot of non-profits that look good on paper and in their websites but their boards are filled with executives from places like Wells Fargo and Bank of America and they take young people who have energy and idealism and co-opt their very power. Instead of a Martin Luther King, Jr or a Malcolm X we get a Van Jones.


TFA = “It’s Howdy Doody Time, Kids!” when career teachers are displaced by “young, untrained yet supposedly enthusiastic” low paid recent college graduates who don’t last more than one year after they discover how complicated and onerous it is to teach. Besides, the pay will not be enough to keep up with their brand new car payments or high rise condos…