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Indiana's Chilling New Anti-Abortion Law is One of Nation's Worst



It is so past time to remove reproductive issues from politics. The cynicism in these maneuvers makes me ill. The hypocrisy of opposing both contraception and abortion is such a logical fallacy that a child could see right through it. Wedge politics is dragging this country down the drain.


Why is it that you leave out the role played by Christian fundamentalists and their desire to make THEIR religious views THE LAW of this land?

Just as many odious bills include tie-in legislation that is important, I'd like to see any governor who imposes these draconian limitations on women's sovereignty over their own bodies to likewise:

  1. Ban all Viagra
  2. NEVER vote for any military or war funding

If these maniacs are THAT interested in the right to life, then let them show it in EVERY way.... not just those that subject women to the rule of males/church/patriarchy while omitting their agency, entirely!


I didn't leave out the fundies, it is so well known that they are behind (or, more accurately being exploited to carry the water of the 0.01%) reproduction issues. Here at CD, such things are common knowledge.

BTW, what's up with 1 vs. 11? Different computers?


Next law on the books, The Womb is deemed to be the property of the State as a national security issue. The State shall be able to exercise its full property rights at any time and for whatever reason it wishes utilizing said property to maximize returns under "free market" principles.

Margaret Atwoods "The Handmaids Tale" is closer than people think.


Reproductive issues are a way of controlling females and female equality.
It's a major issue for patriarchy and those who still shill for it.
And it will come down to even overturning the right to birth control, if allowed.
Let's hope that the citizens of Indiana might decide they've had enough of
this right wing fanaticism.


I went back to Bloomington IN between 2008 and 2011. I received my graduate degree there in the 80s and wanted to see the place again. At that time Mitch Daniels was the governor and he was bad enough, basically in the back pocket of Duke Energy. I was lucky. I got out in 2011 before this appalling excuse for a governor, Mike Pence, was elected. I moved to a true-Blue state, Washington, and was glad of it.
I think that if Pence (who I regard as an extremist in some ways) could get the funding I'm sure he would consider suggesting that they have their own version of Trump's infamous wall. However, this one would be to surround Indiana University so they could keep all the liberals in.
Pence is part of a particularly troubling pattern of states being lorded over by some of the most right-wing corrupt governors I have ever seen, and I'm 67. Pence, Snyder, Brownback, Scott, Hickenlooper, LePage, Haley, Deal, Jindal and Rauner. More and more state legislatures are being dominated by this right-wing nonsense and it looks like this November, once again, the huge majority of Congressional "representatives" will be re-elected to further their odious agenda. This despite the fact that the overall approval rating of the House is around 10%!! How can this be? Are we that delusional in our partisan stupidity?
So, it seems to me that, yes, it is important that Sanders gets the nomination from the DNC but even if he is elected President he would have a massive amount of obstructionism against his proposals. This is not looking good at all, fellow citizens.


The right wingnuts haul out Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to choose with every presidential election cycle with the ALEC-run states carrying the banners and passing the unconstitutional laws. The Koch brothers are giddy with laughter as their power grows exponentially. ALL women need to exercise their right to vote and expel all the elected officials that persist in undermining women's rights not only to choose but to earn equal pay. No law should target women, minorities, disabled, and fellow humans who are deemed to be "the other" yet there are so many in the last three decades that have been passed that do just that: target, punish, discriminate, and marginalize.

As our nation goes down this path of mean-spiritedness, war-mongering, polluting, and corporatization, the future grows much dimmer everyday.

Bernie is the shining light who can lead us out of the dark!


Several years ago, during a similar time, I suggested, on several progressive sites, that prominent and powerful women, and there are some still, should establish a Women's Bank specifically to loan or give money to women who have to travel to another state or a distant city to get an abortion. The micro-loan system is like that, and it works brilliantly. Loans get paid back every time, and it changes thousands of women's lives.
I would be very happy to be a stockholder in that bank. I'm not a wealthy woman, but I'd give what I can spare and a little more. There are women with great personal wealth, and women with power, reputation and decency - how can we get them to come together and do something as simple as this?


That's the best idea I've heard in a long time! If I could like it twice, I would. It leads me to think that a crowdfunding site is the place to begin.


Abortions are only slightly less ancient than pregnancy, so there's no stopping abortion no matter how many laws are passed, and the politicians know this. What conservatives want is to make safe abortion illegal, so we can go back to a time when "America was great again" and women (including white ones) were dying at the hands of black market abortioneers and self-performed procedures. Who can forget those coat hangers?

"Estimates of the number of illegal abortions in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s range from 200,000 to 1.2 million per year. Prior to Roe v. Wade, as many as 5,000 American women died annually as a direct result of unsafe abortions." (From Our bodies Ourselves.)

In Mexico, where abortion is virtually illegal, some 159,000 women nationally were treated for complications of an induced abortion in public-sector hospitals in 2009. That figure does not include the estimated 25% percent of women who do not seek medical help following a self-induced or black market abortion. (Citation)

Yes, let's definitely be like Mexico.


How do we start? Maybe an article in a magazine, but which one? I live in Holland and don't know much about US publications. If you or any other woman? person? wants to join us, can we do that via this site? I can send you my email address, but not here.


Lobo4justice: Wow, wonderful! I just sent a message to Marlborough, asking how we start: crowdfunding? Where do we start?


Raising the money also means building the organization so the money can be distributed, but an online search will yield dozens of crowdfunding sites. I would think some kind of relationship should be established with Planned Parenthood, as they are the nation's main provider of these services.

Besides providing loans, it would be nice to have a network of women to transport, house and feed women who are forced to travel long distances, as well.

This site has limitations as far as one-on-one contact goes, but I would suggest starting a facebook page about this idea to garner attention and contacts, post the link here and see where it goes.


Here's a link to a site about charities: http://www.givewell.org/DIY/united-states#Health.
These are questions about how a charity is organized, assesses itself, etc. Perhaps the best way to start is to write the main office of Planned Parenthood and say some women hope to start a bank that would loan money to women etc. Have they suggestions? And what do you think about that?
I'm going to research what microloaners are doing (they're only abroad, it seems), how they operate, what success they have, etc.How can we communicate outside CCD?


I just saw your comment after I sent mine about PP. You have great ideas, thank you. After the deafening silence that greeted this idea years ago, you and Marlborough are a miracle.
Yes, it's complicated, and your idea about Facebook should be the next step, as I'll bet there will be more people and more ideas and more leads!
I do have a Facebook page I haven't used for a couple of years. My name is Bryna Hellmann, I live in Amsterdam, I'm an American but I've been in Europe since 1958 and plan to die here. I can come to the states anytime to meet, talk, I have a son in Atlanta and another in Raleigh. Where are you?


I just sent you a friend request. Rob Kall is our one mutual friend.


Got it, thank you. Now what? How about a really happy sunny Easter weekend, with or without a church service? I leave it up to you to figure out the next step. I'm still sound of mind and body but 88 (last December) and not really anxious to learn new Digital tricks. Tell me what to do via Facebook and I'll do it.




M: Don’t put your email address on CD, it attracts a lot of kooks. I’m going to learn a little more about Facebook this evening and will try to contact you again on this site and also see how lobo4justice and I figure out how to email safely. Hold on! Have a happy sunny Easter weekend! More on Monday. Greetings from Amsterdam and thank you.