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Indians and Cowboys The 2016 Version of an Old Story on a New Planet


Indians and Cowboys The 2016 Version of an Old Story on a New Planet

Chip Ward

Cowboys and Indians are at it again.


USACE Mission Statement:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's mission is to provide vital public engineering services in peace and war to strengthen our Nation's security, energize the economy, and reduce risks from disasters.

Now, in reality, how is that working?


I was flabbergasted when I learned that an oil pipeline was being routed underneath the Missouri River. To now understand that no environmental impact study was undertaken transforms this project into the realms of the criminal. What part of 'pipelines leak' isn't clear? Especially when there is an example of that happening in the east right now?


The pre-contact numbers of First Nations peoples in what is now the USA as compared to what is now Canada was estimated at between 20 to one at minimum to as high as 50 to one. (20 million to one million at the low end to 100 million to 2 million at the high end)

After contact at the time when both populations had dropped to their lowest the ratio in the USA to Canada was around 3 to 1. While disease played a role , those numbers demonstrate it not the only factor and that the US Goverment had a policy of extermination.

Fully 80 percent of the US federal Goverment budget after its founding up to the early 1800s was for "Indian fighting".

In the State of North Dakota there still a law on the books that states if a man finds more than 5 Indians on his land he can kill them. Another state has a law that it ok to shoot an Indian on horseback if the person shooting him in a wagon.

95 percent of the First Nations peoples were killed. This remains the single largest genocide in recorded history dwarfing the numbers ascribed to the Nazi's .


The children in our school system are being taught nothing.
How can you learn something from someone who has never been taught anything either?


Don't tell that to AIPAC, Hollywood or Congress; oh noes, the Jews are the most persecuted people in the world. Just ask them. Especially, if they didn't have 19-20 (?) Senators telling us their sorrowful " walking skin " tale 24/7. Why, Americans might get a different p.o.v. regarding world history if they got a sligbtly different lesson plan. And, we couldn't have that or those multiple narratives running through our collective consciousness. All together now, class: The Jewish people in America are the most persecuted people ever, followed by 1) the Jewish people in Israel, 2) the Jewish people in the E.U. 3) Evangelicals who love Israel 4) Mormons 5) Black slaves and their progeny 6) Native American people and their progeny. The U.S. Congress would be " occupied" by foaming-at-the-mouth white Christian nationalists if #s 5 or 6 had 20 U.S.Senators in their pockets. You could finance lots of pipelines betting with the Occupying Christians and Wall Street, on that type of scenario.