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India's Ruling Party Turning Kashmir 'Into a Black Hole,' Critics Claim, as Fears of Widespread Conflict Rise

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/indias-ruling-party-turning-kashmir-black-hole-critics-claim-fears-widespread

“President Trump offered to mediate on Kashmir”

PM Khan, re-evaluate this statement, you have know idea what a cluster f**k that would be. You would also have capitalists coming into you’re area, to pillage any natural resources you have. Your people will suffer at the hands of the fascists’.


From the article:

“‘President Trump offered to mediate on Kashmir,’ said Khan.”

Be very afraid of what you wish for. Twump’s strong suit is breaking treaties, not making them.


Whenever Pakistan asks for international mediation, India claims that it is a bilateral issue. When Pakistan says it wants to talk about Kashmir, India claims that its an internal issue. The problem has been festering for a long time and the peace process has been dragging on for ever without any progress.

India mercilessly shells Pakistani administered Kashmir but Pakistan cannot reply in kind because its poor Kashmiri locals who will get hit. Bear in mind that a lot of Pakistani Kashmiris have relatives living on the other side, divided by the border. India is also brutally subjugating the Kashmiris. Google pellet gun blindings in Kashmir and you will know. It is truly shameful.

Though I don’t know a lot of the specifics related to this problem, I do know it’s been going on for way too long. You seem to know much more about problem as it effects the local people of that region, a good thing. My point is the last thing this region and it’s people need is Trump and the fascist corporate business owners who support him, to go into the area, make it worse (and I believe that’s all he would do), and steal the natural resources from the local people.