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India's "Trump" Wins Big

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/02/indias-trump-wins-big

Edit: “entrenched cast problems”
“low cast ‘untouchables’”


Nuclear weapons and 31,000 flavors of God–a real Devil’s bargain…

“All we need is Love, love is all we need.” Lennon McCartney
Love is not in the political lexicon.

Modi is not India’s Trump. He is not corrupt, and he has reduced a lot of corruption, which benefits poor people of all religions and castes. He has spearheaded sanitation initiatives. His demonetization initiative helped recover tax revenues from tax evaders, which pay for infrastructure shared by all religions and castes. Many of his pro-business programs helped farmers directly.

If he has made things so bad, why did Dalits vote for him? If he was an incompetent or corrupt governor, how did he get re-elected multiple times in Gujarat and India? Congress has a natural advantage, but also has a long history of corruption. Modi is a refreshing improvement for a majority of people, especially the bottom 50% of voters.