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Indicted: Trump's Former Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Now in FBI Custody


Indicted: Trump's Former Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Now in FBI Custody

Jon Queally, staff writer

Along with business associate Rick Gates, Manafort was ordered to submit to federal authorites on Monday


…tell me who you were with and I’ll tell you who you are…


Can Joey “No Socks” be far behind?


The young Marx asks: “In what circumstances do men project their own powers, their own values, upon objects that escape their control? What are the social causes of this phenomenon?”
“Money is the alienated essence of man’s work and existence; the essence dominates him and he worships it.” - Karl Marx


Trump has a stack of pardons ready for any/all who are targeted by Mueller. He has their back, they have nothing to fear and no motivation to talk or squeal on higher-ups like Trump. Anyone remember Sheriff Arpaio?


My first thoughts as well , any convictions or penalties for non cooperation (i.e. Taking the fifth) will be freely pardoned , was it ever determined if trump could actually pardon himself as he was inquiring about ?



Per rump’s own orders towards law enforcement, I hope they go rough on him, throw him down on the ground to handcuff him, bump his head while shoving him in the car and all that rough handling that rump wants to see down to criminals.


Nuts, I can’t figure out how to make the image bigger.


Be prepared to hear lots in upcoming weeks about fake charges, evidence, sentences, fines, and prisons.

In his black and white striped suit, this supposed fakery may become all too real for the not-poor Mr. Manafort.


Been there.


It makes me sick to think that a solid 35% of Americans like this guy and will vote for him again, no matter what he does including pardoning shysters before or after they are found guilty. On the other hand, should he start pardoning the accused/convicted en masse, that disdain for the rule of law might just get a large percentage of American voters off their duffs to vote in the midterms, if Mueller keeps climbing the chain.

We can’t vote ourselves out of the mess we’re in, but we can at least change the face of Congress. Wouldn’t it be great if the Democrats took the Senate and then refused to allow a Supreme Court nominee to move through the process? (That, of course, would require a backbone and a change in course, along with gaining 3 seats while protecting 25 seats in a total 34 contests.)


Trumpo the Klown pathetically tweets " Do something!" as a response to the Mueller investigation. We ARE doing something, you miserable piece of corrupt trash, we are starting to bring you down. Just watch how he and his bunch of gangsters try and distance themselves from Manafort. We’ve seen this before with Nixon and the denials and the controversy of the missing minutes from the tape made of Oval Office meetings and the way that one confidante after another of the president were exposed as conspirators. Eventually, it ended with the disgraceful resignation of Tricky Dick. I hope to see the same process (although shorter) with the Mango Mussolini. My biggest fear is what Trump and his extremists might do to attempt to distract the American people. Remember that this was the asshole who repeatedly asked an arms expert why we can’t use our nukes.


You can bet that Republican operatives are doing everything they can to pervert the coming election of 2018. As far as I’m concerned they are all traitors to the very “Republic” they name themselves for. Hypocritical scum. Win at all costs and democracy be damned.


You shouldn’t be surprised. Trump got into office because he represents the interests of white people and that is a majority of the country. Many whites think politicians have put minority interests first and neglected the interests of whites even though it would appear that whites have all the advantages. Trump is supported by people who thinks the white race is superior as well as those who are angry because they think their tax money goes to help minorities only. And there is the pro-life vote, the anti-gun control vote, etc. So Trump can probably count on a lot of support regardless of what he does.


May the House of Cards come down, and come down quickly!


I fear you are right on the pardons. If what’s been reported is accurate, I think that’s why Mueller is working with New York’s AG. Trump can’t pardon for charges brought up under state jurisdiction. It’s crazy that is under consideration, right?


I’m not surprised, just sickened, and more so for the very reasons you named.


I agree.


I believe that is the reason Eric Schneiderman is involved. Trump can’t pardon anyone under state or local indictment, hence if they are charged under NY statutes, Trump is hosed.