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Indictment of Trump and a Warning: 90% of US Coronavirus Deaths Could Have Been Prevented With Swifter Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/15/indictment-trump-and-warning-90-us-coronavirus-deaths-could-have-been-prevented


But if the Governor of S. Dakota issued a shelter-in-place order, it might interfere with the performance of their pork processing industry…Oh wait…Never mind.


Trump really is a damnable fool, who will rot in hell for his willful ignorance and incompetence. Why is he still the President? Is it because of all the Republican Senators who refused to remove him for the high crimes and misdemeanors he committed and continues to commit on a daily basis? Yes! Every single one of you Senators who refused to remove Trump are now culpable in the deaths of thousands of Americans, Americans who voted for you. You Republican Senators are simply parasites, and unsuccessful parasites to boot, because you killed your host, yes all of those dead Americans who voted for you.


No, not never mind we all need to rise up against these fools who are killing us.


Thank the goddess I live in a shelter-in-place state, even though the GOP controlled state houses are squirming like a bunch of snakes in a jar. I’ve even switched a medical appointment to a teleconference.
Another re-read of Moral Politics shows that the conservative mindset has its teeth in our collective throat and will not let go until the Body Politic is a Zombie. They had things their own way for eight years under Bush 2(and, by proxy, eight more years under Obama) and things have gotten much worse. The average conservative can’t, or won’t, understand it’s their worldview that’s the reason, not the liberal snowflakes…
As for those who have GOP governors…if you don’t like the conversation, change the subject. But not to the Democrats. Try full-fledged Democratic Socialism or Green Party.


All you need to know on threads like this is that nobody is willing to do anything about him.
Just another day of sliding down the hill.

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Indictment of Trump? The fact that 90% of the Corona virus deaths are due to Trump’s incompetence should tell you one thing: Trump will never be indicted because of reason of insanity…how could anyone argue with that!

The author applauds California for March 19 stay at home.
Yet castigates so many others who waited a bit also.

March 2, 2020 had 11 known deaths due to virus and probably many hundreds more had died since we did not have testing or medical knowledge for even treating this fast - fast - fast moving virus.

Suggest acquiring this virus is much easier than advertised. distance, masks, gloves do help stop the spread but I think this virus can take a ride on a molecule of wet air inside, outside, on the roof.

Chicago pro-publica has a very good report about Heartland in Bronzeville who are sheltering refugee childrens taken from their parents or arrived at border alone.


The headline was not updated as the article is. 37 children and two adult employees infected.
Miss Sanchez has found us more in depth news than NBC, CNN, etc.

It’s not their pork processing facilities, it’s their credit card processing businesses that are at risk.
Would U want someone working from home handling your sensitive data? Maybe the competition would, or " the evil doers " whose sole purpose in life appears to be data collection would, but many folks wouldn’t.
Also, U can switch to turkey instead of pig; which given the current state of affairs, seems quite apropos. At several levels. Bon Appetit!

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Make that a green salad with ginger-sesame dressing. Cheers!!!

That’s not a very manly-man option, there. How about some pickled pig’s foot, pickled hamhocks, fried pork rinds, pickled turkey gizzards and other assorted mystery meats, instead?
" Every thing is edible except the death squeel, from a pig ".
I feed my 6 dogs pig ears for treats. I just wish I had enough money to donate $19 dollars a month to the first responder’s fund. It’s really a shame the hospitals, and even grocery store clerks can’t afford good masks, etc. This damn gov’t picks on Trump when it’s the darn Socialist agenda that’s screwing every damn thing up. Sorry, got to go walk the dogs at City Park.
Which is another damn thing; why can’t they clean up these parks better? And, there’s scruffy looking people hanging around in them. More every.dang day, it seems like, too. And these darn kids with their skate boards scaring my dogs…

Manly options: Cubed pickled beets, chick peas, feta cheese or firm tofu, olives (all sorts): As you say, there are others.

I hear you, why can’t people train their dogs to poop in those little biodegradable bags. I don’t have a dog but I babysit for one every so often, she doesn’t really like the dog park so we do other stuff. Her treats are all organic. Humm, I thought skateboards were illegal? Still, a big money maker for the orthopedic trade. Ooops, next thing you know we will all get one in the mail or whatever.

Skate boards are like, so noisy, too.
When my dogs bark, it’s like a small choral unit in a way. Ya’ know, really spiritual and can last for hours. When a skate boarder, or just noisy neighborhood kids going to one of the community parks goes by, it can set that chorus a singin’. Mormon Tabernacle quality to hear, imo. I play Howlin’ Wolf and 3 Dog Night music to them, btw.
( Good thing I got a 6 ft. tall security fence with razor wire,or one those skate boarders might get on my lawn and hurts the dogs. Darn nuisances. )
Well, got to go make some BLTs for me, the dogs and my hubby.
Take care and enjoy that salad.

Oh yeah, might want to start thinking about a sound wall too in case those hover things catch on or those unicycles, they might install horns.

Great idea to have a sing-a-long with your critters. My kitties, are into reggae right now, no chance they will ever see a lawn and no kitty park either. They can be little chatter boxes too.

Enjoy as well and take care.

Of the eight named states in this article, none are doing great and some are doing far worse than others. Here’s the breakdown:

Rural states that are defying their natural advantages and are still sliding downhill in the direction of becoming huge morbid disease pits:

South Dakota is #51 of (the 50 states plus DC) by a mile. -115% equals the direction of confirmed new cases over the past 5 days (529 new cases) versus confirmed cases over the previous 5 days (256 cases).

Iowa #48 -31%

Oklahoma #43 -18%

Nebraska #40 -9%

Rural states that are still breaking even in new cases and that should have done far better than the urban states that are passing them:

North Dakota #33 +3%, 75 new cases versus 77 older cases

Arkansas #31 +4%, 356 new cases versus 369 older cases

Rural states that, because they were rural states, naturally did moderately well, but they didn’t distinguish themselves.

Wyoming #11 +27%

Utah #18 21%

For the record, #1 on today’s listing was relatively urban Washington state with an excellent 56% reduction in new confirmed cases over the last 5 days versus the previous 5 days. #2 was Idaho with 55%. Credit where credit is due.

I update my turning-the-corner statistics page daily at *ttp://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm Since March 22 my statistics page has achieved the distinguished “Google has censored my page from its search engine solely because Google is a stupid corporation across the board” award.

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Reggae/ska/club is a no-no for my dogs as it supposedly can cause severe hip displacia. Yes, even in dogs. Who knew?
Beetter watch for early signs of that with your kitties. A kitty with hip displacia; wow, now that’s scary.
My old cat, El Kabong, would knock over my guitar and then pull on the strings. Like he would pull and pluck on my own heart strings sometimes, sort of. With all 4 paws a goin’ he could do a pretty good rendition of some of Phillip Glass’s later compositions. Only with a Tex-Mex vibe. He could fetch a yarn ball, too.
A nice kitty can be lots of fun, no doubt about it.

Have you ever been to Utah? It’s probably the most urban state in the country. Almost everyone lives in one area.

Yes, but it’s not all three deckers crammed cheek by jowl into each other like, say, Philadelphia or Brooklyn. It looks rather suburban. Furthermore, Salt Lake City is pretty much surrounded by barren desert and sparsely populated mountains. There won’t be too much traffic in from any nearby hot spot areas, so cases should be easier to trace.

Thank you for the info, I remember a dog I had some years ago had that problem. The veterinarian recommended vitamin C and it did seem to help. (it was the result of an injury)

Ways to Use Vitamin C on **Dogs

Due to its important role in maintaining the health of collagen, it appears to be especially helpful for slowing – and some say, reversing – degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia , and spinal disorders. The use of vitamin C as a preventative and immune booster are also celebrated.

I will keep an eye out for the kitties though it is not as big an issue with them. The older ones need a little incentive to exercise.

Phillip Glass…nice. I’ll have to see if they are into it. Mine know how to turn on the radio and then act like they know nothing about it. They are a little mischievious too.

Ok then.