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Indigenous and Green Groups Fighting Against Pipeline Urge 2020 Democrats to Take 'NoKXL Pledge'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/13/indigenous-and-green-groups-fighting-against-pipeline-urge-2020-democrats-take-nokxl

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Trump likes to tweet tough on trade but he never met a Canadian pipeline company he didn’t love.

Now how many 2020 d-party candidates have the guts to take the NoKXL pledge?
My guess is six, and then the backpedaling will start.


I’m not now and never will be a Democrat, and have previously took the NoKXL Pledge when I, and many others surrounded the then Obama White House in protest of the KXL Project in support of our Indigenous brothers and sisters.


I’m guessn’ the last D candidate to take that pledge would be corporat Joe Biden.

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Six years ago, a massive spill from an Enbridge pipeline at Battle Creek Michigan river permanently spoiled way too many acres, river silt, -and still is not cleaned up.
Has been replaced with new pipeline from Griffith, Indiana to Sarnia, Ontario. Also feeds 8 refineries in Michigan.
So, for this proposed new pipeline, I offer:

  1. this is not a canadian pipeline in total. The britz may own it but it is within USA also.
  2. when crossing brooks, streams, rivers, have the owner use double pipe. This is a larger diameter seamless pipe around the oil pipeline. A slight vaccumn is maintained within the annulus. If the inner pipe leaks or bursts, an alarm sounds, pumps stop, valves close automatically.
  3. Use seamless pipe to avoid hydrogen enbrittlement corrosion
  4. Stress relieve the circumferential welds. This alleviates corrosion in the weld effected zone.
  5. Today, unleaded gasoline is priced the lowest in a few years. This morning, oil trades were up over 6%. The tar sands crude is low quality and high sulfur but sells to BP refinery in Whiting Indiana really cheap. 19 months ago at $18 per barrel. One canadian business writer said there was a surplus for a while and $13 per barrel was being shipped.
  6. The tar sands oil now flows down to Houston, Texas area refineries.

I only take the “NoEMPIRE” Pledge — and that will take care of all these stupid little “Issues” Pledges!

“Can’t see the Forest for the Trees” translates politically into

“Can’t see the Empire for the Issues”

WakeTF-up folks.


Hi oldie,
and I have read that the Exxon-Valdez , all those years ago, never cleaned up that area either. : (


A young fella went to the shoreline and picked up maybe three layers of rocks.
Yup, there is the good ole black oil muck !
I am so darn frugal, I would vacuum it up and sell it.

This is 2019, not 1919, and we have may ways to determine flow rates, pressure, temperature, etc. The pipeline owners are misers at maintenance, inspections, and even worser at caring. The spill is not in their basement - don’tcha know !!

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Marianne Williamson seems to take this farther. Here is what she writes on her page on the issue of “Native American Justice”:

Making Amends toward Native American NATIONS

Whether for an individual or for a nation, internal as well as external issues must be addressed if fundamental change is to occur. Primary among these is the addressing of one’s character defects, including the willingness to atone and make amends for ways we have transgressed.

For the United States, three main characterological issues must be addressed this way: our modern propensity to militarism, our relationship with Black Americans, and our relationship with Native Americans.

Native Americans lived on this continent for thousands of years before our European ancestors “discovered” it. The wisdom of the indigenous peoples of North America graced this soil before the white intruders ever arrived. It is estimated that in 1492 there were up to eighteen million indigenous people who lived in the area that is now the United States. Yet, by 1890, as a result of war and disease, there were only about 250,000 Natives left here alive.

Native Americans experienced both physical and cultural genocide.

Over the years, the US government made various treaties with Native tribes which have been continuously broken. Our broken promises have contributed to injustice and poverty among the more than 5 million Native Americans living here today. In addition to higher poverty rates, reservations are hindered by lower-than-national-average education levels, poor healthcare services, low employment, substandard housing, deficient economic infrastructure – and now, as in North Dakota during the 2018 midterms, voter suppression efforts.

It is time for our generation to atone and make fundamental amends for the accumulated transgressions of US policy. We must seek to overturn wrongs of the past that in many ways still linger today, and redress the problems that have been caused because of them.

In the words of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, “The federal government should provide adequate funding for the essentials of life, not as a gift or as charity, but as the fulfillment of commitments made at the founding and throughout the expansion of this nation.”

As president, I would support:

  • Returning dominant control of the Black Hills of South Dakota to the Sioux (Lakota/Dakota/Nakota) Nation. The Black Hills, considered sacred to the those nations, were promised by treaty in 1868 and should be returned as promised.
  • Halting construction of the Keystone pipeline, respecting Native tribes’ sovereignty over their territory.
  • Efforts by Tribal Nations to regain and restore their communities and heritage.
  • Improvement of Native lands’ justice systems, which, due mainly to chronic underfunding, make it difficult to enforce prosecution of non-natives accused of serious crimes.
  • Protection of tribal sovereignty. Tribal nations have important needs for infrastructure, education and economic development that are severely underfunded and under-resourced. My administration would guarantee aid to strengthen tribal self-governance.
  • Protecting Native religious freedom. Protecting sacred sites and lands from sale, mining, or transfer without consultation with tribes.
  • Rethinking treaties that have limited Native Tribes’ ability to make decisions about their own lands. Many of these decisions are economic --decisions that should be left in the hands of Native nations alone.
  • Continuing tribal nation summits annually held in Washington, with the full support of key cabinet agencies in order to discuss and garner feedback on issues relating to planned federal activities that might impact tribal nations.

One of the great tragedies of American history, not only for Native Americans, but for white Europeans as well, is that we denied ourselves the extraordinary cultural and spiritual possibilities of what might have been. Had a partnership, rather than dominator model, of social organization been chosen centuries ago, not only Native American culture, but also white American culture, would now be much more advanced. Due to increased historical and spiritual awareness, America is now ready to repair ancient wounds and pave the way to a more enlightened future. As President, I would be honored to preside over both.

Why are “green” groups still begging for crumbs from the bait-and-switch Democrats? If they were serious, they’d be campaigning for the Green Party, which is not bought off by corporate interests.

At least Status Coup bothered to interview our leading presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins. The 17 minute video of the interview is in the tweet.


Exactly, minecritter, Greens have withstood 25 years of the partnership between D & R empire parties. President Maduro of Venezuela receive almost as large a percent of voting age votes as Ds & Rs combined (38 for Maduro, 44 for bipartisan war party… (for further comparison, Governor Brown of California served his last term with 18.5 % of voting age votes during 35% turnout.

If US citizens who boycott elections turnout for Greens, dingbat war mongers will no longer matter.

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I have been to Valdez, Alaska and have personally witnessed the devastation and you are correct, there is still a mess on the beaches and it will probably remain a horrible, horrible, mess for a long, long time!

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The only one so far to my knowledge, is Jay Inslee will take the pledge.

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Pony Boy: I thank you and my spouse, who is Native American, also thanks you!

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Astounding. We have spacecraft soaring around in our solar system, and miracle drugs. But we can’t build a safe pipeline? It doesn’t add up.
Or is it the mining company plan. We will take the fines and keep on polluting. We will just mark the spot and come and drill it out later.

We can build safer pipelines but not 100% safe. Too many variables starting with the metalurgy of the pipe used. That is why I propose double pipe at water crossings. For example - the inner pipe carrying the crude, gasoline, aircraft fuel - is 48 inch diameter. the larger outer pipe is 52 or 54 inch diameter. The space between them, annnulus, is held in slight vacuum. If the inner pipe leaks or ruptures, the higher pressure fluid goes into the annulus, and increases pressure, This sets off an alarm, shuts off valves and pumps.

the owners know they spend less for leak cleanup than to do it correctly with inspectors, maintenance, etc.

I love your plan because it is almost the exact same thing I proposed years ago on a different site.
To all of that we should have a human, on the sites, inspectors like the railroads do.
Perhaps oil pipelines should be designed as mini hydro-electric local power plants.
Spin the wheel that spins a turbine etc.

You’re both welcome.

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It doesn’t make a blind bit of difference what they pledge. They will say anything to get elected and do anything to keep their financiers happy. The two are mutually exclusive.


As people keep saying, “Even animals and and flying creatures know enough not to foul their own nests-----”-I guess the creatures have always been far ahead of humans at birth----- and have a short dependency window too.

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