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Indigenous and Green Groups Fighting Against Pipeline Urge 2020 Democrats to Take 'NoKXL Pledge'

Hi sunnyalila:
YES! Everything you wrote makes perfect sense. Besides we have proof of this working in the 20 and 21st centuries----if a person’s indigenous land and history shows this relationship, then those relationships must be honored. However, sometimes the problem is that a People is given a kind of reparation, but then later these same gifted people want it all.
I see this in the history of Israel, who have gained benefit upon benefit, while the long time indigenous Palestinian people are left with nothing. This is exactly how I see the Palestinian/ Israeli issue.if even after 70 years Jewish people are allowed the return of stolen art work to their families, then using the same argument—why isn’t the stolen land similarity returned to the Palestinians? America, Israel and the UN have a lot of explaining to do, I think.
returned to the Palestinian families too?