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Indigenous and Progressive Activists and Lawmakers Plan Rally at DNC to Push Biden in Greener Direction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/18/indigenous-and-progressive-activists-and-lawmakers-plan-rally-dnc-push-biden-greener


um, a little late on the no-corporate part. But thanks for playing and voting in the neoliberal!

Pro-tip: stock up on sunscreen.


’Organizers are calling for "a corporate-free Cabinet and administration staffed with personnel committed to addressing the climate threat, as well as following through on promises made during the campaign."

Promises made – and promises that should have been made –

We need this party to stand up and say that it will no longer take corporate/Elite money –
that it’s leadership will reject corporate money as well and that it will include all elected members
of the DP.

Further we need to be assured that we flush out any and all corporate influence over the DP
as quickly as possible – notably Koch Family and their DLC – and the many other corporations
which have used the DLC to influence and control the direction of the DP which has taken us
to corporate-fascism.

As for Biden – let’s hope that all still supporting the DP will find a way to jump in here and to
support these objectives –

’RADICAL" … ? Radical is not acknowledging that we are about to lose the planet –
and that everything must be reversed in consideration of NATURE/ANIMAL LIFE/HEALTH
and that the evils done by Elites/corporations in the name of exploitation and greed will be
reversed in time to save us all.


This is a good sign that these organizations will up the ante against Biden’s inevitable sell-outs. Looking forward to escalating tactics of disruption.


step one: vote for corporate candidate
step two: express disappointment and outrage when corporate candidate does corporate things


Eugene Debs once said,

“It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don’t want and get it.”

How true was that statement when much of the liberal, progressive left were extolling us to vote for the lesser evil, forgetting to detail just what strategy can be applied once he is in the Oval Office, other than petitioning and appealing …nay, begging and beseeching.

It is time to rise from our knees and to stand up, time for an independent party even if it may take a few election cycles to achieve.

But we know the current message is going to be…don’t undermine Biden, we see it already the outrage at the most gentle of gentle opposition by the Justice Democrats.

And if i am to be scolded for failing to offer my own alternative, i refer to this essay of mine on achieving a sustainable steady state society



Progressives did the work of registering voters and getting out the vote that got Biden elected, but he will ignore us as the Dems have been for decades. We gave Obama a pass, we can’t afford to do that again. There needs to be a women’s march the day after Biden is inaugurated, as large as the one after Trump, and the pressure needs to be relentless. Today the congress voted the same old ( emphasis on old) power structure of neo-liberals; Pelosi, Clyburn and Hoyer. This needs to change, or life on the planet is doomed. Its that serious.


There will never be a better time for a new party than right now. There is so clearly nothing at risk in abandoning the Democrats.


I have never understood those who castigate everything and then do nothing, though I honestly do not know if you are one of those. Perhaps you might enlighten us as to what you do to make things better?

Ridding this nation of Donald Trump is progress and we all should be happy for that. Biden is a Centrist obviously but he is by no means as bad as Trump , and, by shutting down the negativity and, instead, working to push for progressive legislation, we can make far more progress than we could these last four years.

There is no magic wand, unfortunately, that , by being waved, can bring us to where we should be . Only by hard work and compromise( as bad as that sounds) can we achieve goals. That is life, get used to it.

I do hope you work to achieve something. This nation and this planet need you to do that.

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When I got to the ‘corporate free cabinet’ had to take a break from my
snickering. I thought I had missed April Fools Day. Milling around the DNC
and expecting change? Reminds me of the pussy hat gathering. Now we
have Amy.

Look folks here is the bottom line. Biden was elected and we were the
loser. The pitiful thing of this election, one of them got elected.

One would have wished that a “centrist” governs in the interests of the greatest numbers of citizens. I guess government, primarily in the interests of all the citizens is radical left in your political dictionary.

Forever war, and supporting the oligarchs at the expense if the citizenry, while allowing the infrastructure to decay, and jobs shipped at public cost to other countries with cheap labor, wouldn’t be at the center of any governmental policy continuum I could support.

The only thing to the right of that would be not pursuing all the criminals in Epstein’s circle of child abusers, and prosecuting reporters.


Biden proved that money can be taken out of politics with his people-funded and corporate-free fundraising that surged him to the top of the polls before the Iowa primaries. oh- wait, that was Bernie (sigh)


Sanders is a Centrist, Biden is a right wing extremist


I wish I could find something valuable or even new in your screed. Here is a clue, most progressives, moderates and leftists know the faults, flaws and foibles of our governance.

Oh and an emphatic WTF to your position that government that works in the interests of all the citizens thereof isn’t a leftist position. Do you actually know your subject matter? Of course it is a leftist position as opposed to the right’s that governance works for the corporate and the wealthy.

I take away from this screed that, #1 you didn’t read or understand my post and #2 you refuse to be a part of anything that doesn’t solve all our problems immediately. Rather an immature position but one in which you are far from alone.

Donald’s job was to enlighten the USA on how chaotic, violent and overall bad things can get if we keep going in the direction of ‘oligarchy and empire.’ He made us appreciate Joe’s calm. Step 1: Donald is out to stop the bleeding- good. Step 2: Progressives have to organize and push as hard as humanly possible with Joe’s administration to avoid getting comfortable with the past administration’s actions that gave us Donald in the first place. Step 2 continued: Progressive fragmented parties must merge and grow over the next 4 years to get a third Progressive Party with real power to get on the stage and win elections.

As long as your “Step 2” includes pushing outside the boundaries of electoral politics.

We are trained to wait a year, wait two years, wait four years while the parties “campaign” endlessly, then we get to cast a single vote and hope for the best. During the waiting periods, we can ask “Please” of the parties that we vote for or against. Then we get to cast our single vote again, and then wait again, and ask “Please” again…

We have other tools in our political tool belt! If we accept our training, and accept our limitation to occasional voting and endless pleading while swimming in endless party propaganda, we end up where we are.

We need to pick up some of our other political tools. We need to directly disrupt business as usual, while making specific actionable demands. We need to meld the street protests with concrete political goals, and instead of asking “Please,” we need to demand what we need and impose consequences if we don’t get it.

As citizens, as workers, as consumers, as people who participate in money and in the economy, and as people who eat food and rely om the ecology of the Earth to sustain us: We need to organize movements and not restrict ourselves to simply participating in the duopoly charade of fake representative democracy in which our needs actually never are represented, but only the “needs” of concentrated wealth.

We need to represent ourselves politically in ways that impose consequences on concentrated wealth, and on the duopoly parties that represent only concentrated wealth.

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Yeah, that is the definition of insanity!

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“American”, that’s the definition of insanity! Ask Anyone, (except an American).

Yeah, over 70 million Trump voters corroborate your definition! And the Biden voters-------fill in the blank!

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The day’s news is a disaster of Trump escalation of his attempt to overturn the
election – the virus which continues to accelerate and recognition by Biden that
there may be other viruses like it coming our way we need to be prepared for –
and for many in America DEPRESSION-like conditions and loss of jobs hanging
by a very thin thread supporting families and children with food, rent, necessities.

Their Unemployment benefits for 12 million ending December 26 –
and many of our small businesses needing help.

If you’re worried about the Virus and want to be tested – the lines are long – and
the great number of people looking to be tested are now delaying the results to 3-4 days;
maybe longer? If you are truly in distress with the virus, in many states there is no room
in hospitals for you. And reports still say there is “no actual treatment for the virus available.”
You get might get a hose pushed down your throat – or even a Tracheotomy – nothing you
do for fun. Ventilator use seems to be delayed right now – but still a possibility.

Biden will be taking on what FDR took on – and all of the signposts and guides are
still there as to what needs to be done – just follow the Yellow Brick Road to New Deal.

But since then the fascist right has gained so much power embedding itself in government
that they are looking to move their supporters to overturn democracy – with violence,
if necessary – beginning with these election results for Biden.

Let’s hope they aren’t all KKK – or all daffy as ducks – or actually “deplorables.”

The solution I prefer is BERNIE SANDERS – !!

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