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Indigenous Communities Take Chevron to Global Court for 'Crimes Against Humanity'



Every time you see settlement offers from oil companies that reflect 10, 20, 30% of ACTUAL COST OF DAMAGES, from the Exxon Valdize, the BP Gulf devastation to Nigeria and world wide virtually WITHOUT EXCEPTION, you see the extent to which the industry is a predator addicted to a 'model' with 'bullet point' priorities shockingly similar to a heroin addict.

In other words, it requires the construction of a conceptual container (spread-sheet/economic theory) for the manipulation of pathological 'res nullis' (to render realities on the ground as nonexistant), within which is another 'res nullis' container (statistical construct). The percentage of what is "externalized" for a 10% cost of damages is 90% denied as even existing (theres that pesky 'res nullis' again)