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Indigenous Groups Applaud Protection of Grizzly Bear as Liz Cheney Claims Rule Harms 'Western Way of Life'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/03/indigenous-groups-applaud-protection-grizzly-bear-liz-cheney-claims-rule-harms


May the spirit of the French Revolution one day visit the Cheney family.
They’re the worst kinds of people.


I hope with all my spirit that everything this rotten POS has done in this country and around the world is reversed, especially all the environmental and animal protections he shat-on, and every corporate polluter given free license prosecuted and forced to clean-up everything! Liz Cheney is as odious as her father!

Those reversals includes completing a real investigation of Kavanaugh and impeaching/removing him if he lied under oath. He could be replaced by Merrick Garland perhaps - that would be fitting!
I also hope trump is indicted for all and every of the numerous crimes and violations of his oath of office and Constitution, he certainly has committed, and all his appointments/cabinet and family investigated fully and prosecuted for ANY violation during their worthless tenures and conflicts of interest that drove US policy decisions!!


Thank you. I too think that if the Dems win the presidency and both houses of Congress they should do a truth commission and get rid of all Trump appointments who are unfit, including SCOTUS and other federal judges, agency employees, etc.
There should be prosecutions, and if allowed by law, executions, preferably in public, as an example of what happens to despots and their gang members.


The “Western way of life” includes stealing the native’s land, resources, women, and children, destroying their lives, and conducting was has amounted to a a nearly 500 year program of genocide. Even though Natives were graciously “granted” citizenship after the fact, and some have established casinos on their remaining lands ion hopes of getting some return from their conquerors, little of their civilization remains untouched. This has occurred on every continent, except Antarctica. The British colonists, along with the French,Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, and even the Chinese, have spared few other civilizations from their expansionism.


I am so sick from, of, because of, about, with, whiteness. When my ex-wife was upset with me she would tell me to eat dirt, well Liz Baby, eat dirt.


May a majestic, beautiful, awe inspiring, and very hungry Grizzly do the earth a huge favor and make a meal of Liz and her DICK of a father. But not just before hibernation. It would be awful to have bad dreams for three to six months straight.


LMAO … Really Dizzy Lizzy … Really.

Are you really so clueless that you are unaware of the ways of life that the likes of you and your Poppa have destroyed in just about every country in which some resources could be extracted for profit?

WOW you have really established a totally new level of stupid.

I also think that the way of life that belonged to the indigenous people of the Western hemisphere should take precedence over the way of life of those who destroyed it and stole their land.

C’mon Wyoming … is this really the best you’ve got? … sad


Fully agree with you David, and, by the way, DOJ just recently brought bck capitol punishment, just in time for the “Truth Commissions” you mentioned. Having been of both sides of death penalty, for the truth comm. mentioned, I would support the Gallows, public or not, for the guilty.


Liz Cheney and Meghan McCain are wastes of skin. Only garbage comes out of their mouths and I sometimes cannot even tell them apart.


The Chaney’s are all monsters, but this little monsterette is just so repulsive. I think her girl-card should be pulled and she be put on a dangerous wildlife list.


I’m convinced there is many generations of inbreeding in the Cheney family, no morals, no integrity, no honesty, they truly make rednecks and hillbillies seem like academics. The whole lot of them are breathing good air a rat could be breathing.


You got it! That is the true “Western way of life”!


…The entire 2016 election needs to be annulled, we need a clean sweep of these curs, these vile pieces of shit…


The western way of life destroyed the herds of buffalo and so much wildlife in a senseless manner. Her western way of life destroyed nature instead of living in harmony with it as was the belief of native Americans.


They could be sent to saudi arabia. They do public executions there. Fun day out for the family.


Dear Ms. Cheney: Please go take a selfie with a bison.


What is so sad is that people like Liz have been harming the indigenous people’s way of life since 1492!


That DICK, Cheney, is the International Man of Misery. His daughter is just a f-cking bitch!


The only good Cheney is a DEAD Cheney. Fuck that whole dumb ass family of right wing scum!

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