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Indigenous Leaders Furious After EPA Grants Oklahoma Control Over Sovereign Tribal Lands

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/05/indigenous-leaders-furious-after-epa-grants-oklahoma-control-over-sovereign-tribal

Wow yet another example of the flagrant abuse of power in the Trump administration. As if the indigenous people haven’t been taken advantage of already, this serves to indicate “too much and never enough” so far as that is concerned. This is a double whammy, the ignoring of the environment and the abuse of indigenous rights. Please write to the government officials in Oklahoma and explain what they are needing to know.


We need to address the issue of resistance. The limitations of resistance. This is part of the problem.

Just another nail in the coffin of Indigenous legal and treaty rights. How the purveyors of government offal can sleep at nights is beyond me!

They have no morals. They sleep just fine I’m sure.

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They have no fear of retribution. That needs to change.

The other thing that needs to change is the public interest in these issues. As you can see by the amount of comments in this time span, there isn’t much of that. It’s hard to rally a change when there’s no one to stand behind you.
As you can see, the article on Trump and his drugs got 1.2k views, this one 94 up to now and only 6 replies compared to 243.


Orange regime doesn’t respect any law unless they created it.
They must be defeated in Nov.
You say you can’t vote for the lesser of 2 evils?
Well, the greater of 2 evils is off-the-charts evil … and this is what you get unless you wise up.
Hold your nose and vote Joe.

The indigenous leaders may have a use for this article:

This makeup ingredient could destroy 99% of ‘forever chemicals’


This is per usual, for any ROTpublican Administration we could imagine. They do not consider Natives to actually be People With Rights, who America has in the past forced into an impoverished, powerless position. What’s more, they “justify” that treatment by pointing out that America is a Conquered Country and the “previous” owners have no rights to it at all, if ROTpublicans can possibly stand against them.

But of course we’ve got the results to point to. If Natives had no personhood or rights, then why did the country deal with them, and make AGREEMENTS (treaties) with them, ALLOWING THEM TO CONTROL THEIR OWN LANDS?

A treaty is defined, IN THE CONSTITUTION, as the Supreme Law of the Land. It CANNOT, therefore, be canceled out by a simple declaration from ONE SIDE of that agreement.


But the ROTpublicans are treating those treaties as trash, because they cannot envision admitting that our country STOLE those lands to start with, and therefore OWES the Natives at least the direct benefit of OWNING THEIR OWN LANDS.

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