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Indigenous Peoples Day Sweeps Nation as Battle for Indigenous Rights Continues On


Indigenous Peoples Day Sweeps Nation as Battle for Indigenous Rights Continues On

Nika Knight, staff writer

As the movement to abolish Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day finds success in communities from Phoenix, Arizona to the state of Vermont, the battle for Indigenous rights in the face of industrial development rages on.


As I looked over 4 areas of concern to CD, I suddenly realized that the common thread running through them is PATRIARCHAL THINKING....the idea that "MAN" is entitled to have dominion over every other form of life than he: the Trumpian assertion that it is OK to violate women; the US abuse of the tax dollars of us all by obscenely directing 'way too much of those dollars to produce, use up, and manufacture all over again-weapons of mass destruction; the horribly wrongheaded pursuit of violence against every other country on Earth; the violation of every treaty with Native Americans, and on & on.
In Michael Moore's "Where to Invade Next," he shows the brilliance of the peoples of Tunisia and of Iceland, who have embraced and honored and are practicing feminist ideals and are thus bringing light to their countries and the world. If you have not yet seen this brilliant film, please "do not stop @ "Go!" but hurry to your local library or other film source to view this masterpiece.
After that, I urge you to spend less time posting here & elsewhere; use your valuable time by joining a "PEACE" group & working to dismantle the factories and forts of the MICC.


To think when younger we honored Columbus just makes me sick today. He and his ilk brought death and destruction to millions of indigenous peoples of the Americas. Interesting how in school the slaughter of natives was so glossed over and don't forget all the deaths from the disease that natives had no resistance to ward off almost certain demise. Humans are so short sighted that they destroy the Earth which all life depends on. I really hope they continue to fight against all the idiots trying to extract their resources on which they may depend. After all how much money can you count while holding your breath or lack of clean drinking water? Somehow we need to toss the whole system on it's ear before it's too late to save the world. Keep fighting and I'll keep writing to let people know what's really going on.


Perhaps we should relabel Columbus Day IMMIGRANT DAY since anybody who is not native American and whose ancestors showed up after 1492 is an immigrant. We need to tell Trump and his anti-immigrant crowd that either all Murkins falling into this definition of "immigrant" get deported or none do.


Those that showed up after 1492 were invaders from Europe. We should have an Indigenous Peoples Day but why not demand more from non natives? Make Columbus Day a day of Atonement and Restitution, acknowledge the wrong and atone for it by replacing the US system with one of true equality.


Indigenous solidarity is our collective hope for a livable planet.


Love those insights, Ray! That's sharp!


John Trudell on the Tribes of Europe..........

And on Columbus.............


**Indigenous Peoples Day **sounds like a good idea.. In school, we are taught that Columbus was a good guy, the USA is always in the right & its enemies are always in the wrong.****


Total change in attitude, but, it is possible! Peace, Compassion and Love are needed.


Custer died bravely in a savage Indian " MASSACRE " were the headlines of that time, but that Columbus massacred, raped and pillage many indigenous people of his time was left out of most of American history.


" Those that showed up in 1492 were invaders from Europe."

Yes, in today's vernacular Columbus and his invaders would be called exactly what they were: TERRORISTS AND SLAUGHTERS OF NATIVE AMERICANS! And like the t-shirt says: BEEN FIGHTING TERRORISM SINCE 1492!

Look at this from the Native American's perspective; in 1492 there was an estimated 50,000 Native Americans, so how would you feel if some invader from a foreign country told you he had discovered you!


Patriarchy, or sexist thinking, is just one cut of the same cloth that includes many negative "isms".

The whole cloth is Supremacist Thinking or the concept of Human Supremacism, which along with Patriarchy leads the "us and them", "me first" mindset that pervades our species.


I have been unable to focus as to the best vote to cast; ever since reading Diana Johnstone's "Queen of Chaos: the Misadventires of Hillary Clinton," I cannot even bear to hear her shrill voice. HowsomeEVAH, I have been also seduced by the SirenSong of "Don';t throw your vote away."

Now my mind is focussed. If I can't have Bernie, I will vote for Jill Stein. To Hell w/the largely bought and paid for miserable Congress and the rigged primary votes; I will vote STEIN.

As I have written before, an astrologer whom I know has said that it will take until 2025 for all the crumbling institutions of our American Empire to disintegrate. Thinking of our food system broken by Big Ag and BigFood; our school systems ruined; our criminal justice which in and of itself is CRIMINAL;
the corruption of Congress; the obscene profits and corruption of BigPharma; the resistance of BigMedicine to let us have single payer; the resistance of BigReligion to allow humanism/secularism to breathe;BigOil/Gas's hegemony of our energy systems--I will intall solar panels and I will vote for Stein/Baraka. I have just made my 1st donation to CodePink and will be actively working for PEACE.
Shalom, y'all.


Indigenous people's day is nice but how about the US honoring treaties and restoring lands?


A neoliberal who is moving to the Left. What a wonderful sight to see.


You embody this in what you wrote.


No need to reinvent the wheel: Socialism while respecting the indigenous rights to sovereignty over all their treaty lands.