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Indigenous Tribes on Front Line of Amazon Rainforest Fires Vow to Resist Bolsonaro's "Destruction of Mother Nature"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/27/indigenous-tribes-front-line-amazon-rainforest-fires-vow-resist-bolsonaros

Bolsonaro’s comments to date regarding the rest of the world’s reaction to the fire: Grave concern and offers to help control it - all of which have been rejected out of hand;

Suggest Arson, sanctioned and approved by the Bolsonaro Administration, an administration that assumed control over Brasil’s federal government and thus,Brasil’s natural resources;

Fraudulently, aided and abetted by the Obama Administration.

By telling Macron to mind his own business and reforest France instead, he demonstrated his support for eliminating a rain forest that he considers to be in way of more lucrative ventures.

His obscene values show in his despicable face.


Check out these ecocidal monsters at Black Rock an appropriate name as they are aiming to turn this fragile blue and green planet into another moon:


Lots of numbers listed to crash their phone lines.


The World is using the USA as an example of how to get Rich by destroying your Environment.

They have Watched America over the Decades Destroy our Beautiful Homeland, first by Genocide against Native Americans, pushing the original inhabitants of this Continent onto Reservations so we could Exploit the Land they Lived on.

Having Gold on their Property was a Death Sentence for Native Americans.

Then came the Killing of almost all of the Millions of Buffalo that recently roamed everywhere in America.

The Discovery of Oil was the next Plight that besmirched our Pristine Environment.

And the Clearing of our Forests including the magnificent Sequoia & Redwood Trees, which were thousands of years old, to make room for Cattle and Agricultural Products like Corn, Wheat, etc.

We have plundered America for it’s Natural Resources and barely set aside some of the Beautiful Scenery in the form of National Parks, which are overflowing and being loved to death.

Fortunately we had the foresight to set aside a small portion of the magnificent splendor of our Homeland.

But these small parcels of Scenic Treasures are being destroyed from overuse, Americans are desperate to escape the Concrete and Asphalt Jungle and recharge their Batteries by Communing with Nature.

Now we are asking Brazil not to do what we did.

We are demanding that they Do Not destroy their Homeland Environment, the Amazon Jungle, by displacing the local Natives and selling out to Giant Agricultural Farmers who want to use the land for Pastures so their Cattle can Graze and they can fulfill the increasing demand for Meat.

McDonald’s and other Fast Food Industry Behemoths are behind the destruction of the Amazon because the Demand for Whoppers is overwhelming the Planet.

We must either turn to Plant Based Foods or witness the rapid Destruction of the Big Blue Marble. GO VEGAN.


This reminds me of how Earth First! tried to stop the chainsaw massacres in the American west decades ago.
What Bolsonaro and his hordes are doing to the Amazon is terrible, but American loggers have done the same thing to our old growth forests and other valuable forest ecosystems.
When courageous tree activist Julia Hill lived in a 1000-year-old Northern California redwood to prevent the loggers from killing it, they tried to kill her.
Where are our own fighters standing up to the loggers, frackers, miners, ORV’ers and others who are destroying our public lands?
Do any of us have the courage that unarmed indigenous tribespeople in the Amazon have?
“No compromise in defense of Mother Earth.”


Say goodbye to this planet as well knew it. I’m kind of thankful in a way that I only have probably 20 more good years here at most. Corporate greed is sending us straight to hell on a greased sled.

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Your comment was reminiscent of what I told someone just this morning. I had posed the question, was it we, the USA, and our seemingly mindless election and acceptance of Donald Trump, that led many oligarchs in other nations to say to themselves, “now is the time”? The time of course to make the final big move towards the establishment of the worldwide fascist fourth Reich.
Now it may be too late. Oh well, if the world biosphere is going to collapse I suppose it may as well be done in the backdrop of a fascist pool party.
I find myself being more fatalistic by the day.

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Getting rid of the indigenous people of the Amazon via these fires is a fantastic perk for Bolsonaro.
Wipe them out and there is no one in the forest to complain about his systematic destruction of the planet.
Tie this AH to a tree that is in the path of one of these blazes.
Too harsh ? I think not.

I am proud of the tribes of the Amazon. So many fires, around the world. Fight the fire and fight the cause. Don’t eat beef.
When I was a child, they drained the Everglades. What happened? It rained ash all over South Florida all the way to the East Coast where i lived. The muck caught fire. It burns deep and you can’t put it out just by stopping the top flames. They had to flood it again. In some areas with thick rich soil, this could happen. Not easy to stop that kind of fire.

Simply draining a mucky region is asking for unstoppable fire.

“ No compromise in defense of Mother Earth “
Well said. Perfect.
Earth first , everything else second!