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Indivisible Asks Candidates to Sign Pledge Promising a Democratic Primary Based on Exchange of Ideas Instead of Attacks


Indivisible Asks Candidates to Sign Pledge Promising a Democratic Primary Based on Exchange of Ideas Instead of Attacks

Julia Conley, staff writer

The national grassroots group Indivisible set out Thursday to make sure the 2020 Democratic primary doesn't devolve into a race characterized by negative attack ads, releasing a pledge for all the Democratic presidential candidates to sign which promises a "constructive" primary.

The pledge calls on the 21 presidential candidates to treat the primary as an exchange of ideas while respecting their opponents and to immediately support the eventual nominee, working together to "do the work to beat Trump."


–such a novel noton.
No more circular firing squads?

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Okay, I’ll buy that as long as it doesn’t include Republicans.


Does Invidivisible have progressive credentials beyond merely claiming the term? What, for example, was Indivisible’s position on super delegates, on super pacs, on big money corporate donations to candidates? Would they characterize Bernie’s attack on HRC’s $675k speaking fee as out of bounds? Last year they selected and groomed a candidate for the 8th District in WA who is a nice person but not progressive by any measure.


I would demand that the Neera Tanden and David Brock types, and independent organizations that are strongly backing particular candidates, sign this. But, then again, if Brock and Tanden couldn’t slime and attack others personally, what would the big money donors pay them to do? I mean, they pretend that Bernie is a radical for wanting pretty vanilla social democracy, so what do they offer on policy that will be up to the task? Mayor Pete says that Bernie can’t get elected in the general election. Okay, based on what logic? What facts? And he argues that he doesn’t want to focus too much on policy. Okay, so what then? He going to join Beto on tables saying a bunch of nothing?


I could be wrong, but it seems that their focus has been more on opposing Trump than anything to go on the offensive with. I think a lot of their work has been tied to the “resistance”, but again, haven’t followed them too closely. Some of my educated friends do stuff with them, but I am not hot on their politics (they want me to accept that they support working people, communities of color and the poor because they say so, and despite the fact that they never support any politicians that back policies that benefit those groups), which has turned me off to Indivisible.


I can’t discover what they stand for, other than standing aside and letting the process, which is in "good hands (aka Pelosi’s), go its way unimpeded. I would love to be corrected because this is not a good feeling.


BootyJudge preemptively threw this idea under the bus when he threw Bernie under the same bus.



Decades of stagnating wages, massive inequality, systematic corruption, a huge gab between what people want on policy versus what the state does, crumbling infrastructure, an environmental crisis, among other things. Clearly the issue isn’t the system that rotten candidate wants to protect, it is Bernie for pointing this out and offering actual alternatives. Mayor Pete said that the left focuses too much on policy. I take it that 45,000 won’t die in the next year because they can’t get needed healthcare because he can speak other languages, him playing the piano and his wonderful speeches?


Nope. Not going to pledge to support “whoever.”

If the Dems prop up another horrible terrible no good very bad candidate and process, i’m not riding that bus.

And if they do, and if they lose to Trump again, it is THEIR fault for undermining the possibility of ACTUAL resistance. NOT the “fault” of citizens too sick of decade after decade of movement to the right by BOTH parties, with NO party actually offering a different direction.

Bring forward a good, a decent, a half-decent candidate – there are several running in this primary – and i’ll vote strategically to defeat the Republicans. Bring forward another pile of steaming crap? Why should i, or millions of others, vote for a pile of steaming crap? Do i “owe” that pile my vote, for some reason? Am i “betraying” something if i say “That pile of crap stinks”?

Joe Biden, for example. NEVER going to “pledge” to support that pile. Wake the eff up, Democratic Party. Wake the eff up, “resistance.”


I don’t understand. BootieJudge equating Bernie supporters with tRump supporters simply reveals BootieJudge’s Establishment cred. I’m not interested in White Obama.


If this pledge is to mean that no one in the primary field is supposed to critique the actual record of anyone else in the primary field, then bullshit.

Sure, no smears on political labels like democratic or socialist, no focus on style, or on non-material issues like someones age or sexuality or other identity, no attacks on anyone’s supposed “electability,” no taking words out of context in a classic “attack ad,” sure.

But if this pledge will be used to try to silence criticism of policy and voting record while in office because “Trump!” then bullshit. Policy and record in office SHOULD be critiqued.

And if it means no pointing out that someone has a pair of hands and a nose that wander regularly into inappropriate personal spaces, then bullshit. That’s not an “attack ad,” that goes to personal character.

i’m leery of any such pledge.


This dog is on point today. Worth one of my stingy hearts.

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Soooooo, when all these faux progressive candidates pull down Bernie’s delegate count to less than 50%, then… Pledge to Support Creepy Uncle Joe! - who could win the nomination by lobbyists’ votes via superdelegates in the second round! Yay Joe!!! He’ll win! Guaranteed! No more Trump! Instead we’ll have an old, very very touchy (and kissy - only girls&women, of course) who will continue Trump’s and Obama’s foreign policy idiocy.


Terrible prose but I get it! :):wink:


Meanwhile, out in “progressive” California, the party leadership is again using corruption and rules changes to keep the left from taking over the party. Bernie, who has called for the take over of the California Party by progressives, needs to speak up.


I’ll sign on only if it’s just in the debates, not outside of them and doesn’t include us. .


Joe will lose to Trump. Thanks to the supers. Can we get rid of them? They make a mockery of our democracy. Each super equals about 10,000 regular votes, namely ours. That’s not exactly fair. But who wants to relinquish power? How are we going to do this?


Consider the cons instead of the prose, then. They’re lots of " cons" going on in this primary, this may be just one.
Sen. Sanders was smart to sign this. I’m a N/A ( Non-Affiliated ) voter. Insulation is good in a cold environment.
This Indivisible Pledge applies to Democrats. But whatever we do, we can’t make ConservaDems feel uncomfortable. We’re all in this together until we get in line for the Kool-Aid, then they get to go first and get seconds, too.
Now, play nice out there kids.
" Biden is to Progressive as nails are to tires. "
Just sayin’.


we need signs, bumper stickers and all manner of broadcasting that say NO TO SMARMY JOE