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Industry Front Group Called Out for Spreading 'Bald-Faced Lies' About Medicare for All Costs

Industry Front Group Called Out for Spreading 'Bald-Faced Lies' About Medicare for All Costs

Julia Conley, staff writer

Medicare for All advocates, policy experts, and journalists pushed back strongly on Monday after an astroturf front group funded by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries misrepresented facts as part of a multi-pronged effort to convince the American public that a single-payer system would be more costly than the for-profit status quo.


“They are GOING TO lie” ? More like they put us in this pickle with more than a half century of deceit starting with paring back LBJ’s Medicare Act to the over 65 crowd in 1965. There is no limit to how much the med/pharma cartel will spend to prevent real health care reform of ANY kind in the US.


In early 2020, neo dems and repubs will come to compromise by ‘saving’ ObamaCare now renamed to lets say ‘NewAmercanCare’. The insurance and pharma companies will continue to get multi trillion dollar sops, Trump’s base will get hundreds of quasi free rural health care clinics. Thirty six million will continue to be without health care they can not afford or, if they go to a doctor, they can not afford the meds. Thousands will go to medical bankruptcy every year, thousands will die from lack of care, suicides will continue and the campaign slop will continue to pour in.


Conley sez:
“PAHCF also sent a memo to news outlets and supporters noting that powerful centrist Democrats have recently questioned the affordability of Medicare for All …”

Ah. With friends like these, who needs publicly financed enemas?


Recently here in Canada i have had some symptoms I was concerned with and having not seen a Doctor at all in over 12 years , mine retiring a few years back , decided I should see a Doctor and find out what was up.

I applied online for a family doctor that was taking patients. I received a reply two dollars later with a list of about a Dozen in my neighborhood. I reviewed the ratings , selected one and called in on a Friday to set up an appointment. The appointment was set for the Monday after the weekend.

I saw the doctor who suggested a number of tests so she could get a baseline . I stopped at the lab three days later , waited about 20 minutes and got the battery of tests done. I got to work and on that same day my Doctors office called indicating the tests in and my doctor would like to see me again. This was a Thursday and the appointment set for Monday again. I went in, went over the tests and had some over the counter medication proscribed. She also requested I get an xray and a medical image scan as a precaution. The lab for this was a block away so i went over there on a drop in basis. I waited about half an hour (no appointment so i had to wait in one of those “Long” queues) and got both the tests done.

Total cost. 7 dollars for the over the counter medication out of pocket.

No deductibles. No insurance to deal with outside the drugstore sending a bill to the Compnay that runs our supplemental health care at work where they paid for most of the medication I needed to get.

It well worth the tax dollars. If that “front group” is so worried about higher taxes on Americans, maybe they should lobby for less F-35s and less wars.


The article states that approval rate for Medicare for All hovers around 70%. The only fact keeping that number from rising into the 90’s is employer-provided health insurance (and anti-gov zealots). But here’s the thing - that demographic is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their coverage. Each year employers are paying less of the premium, which then falls to the employee to foot the difference. Deductibles and co-pays are increasing as well. Insurance companies are about profits and pleasing shareholders, not you. But the worst part is cited in this passage:

“Right now when your doctor decides that you need medical attention you have to hope that your insurance company will decide to pay for it. Since insurance companies’ only responsibility is to their shareholders they will look for any way they can to ignore your doctor and deny the claim. If we take the profit motive away from healthcare financing, doctors will be able to provide the treatment they know you need and you won’t have to worry about drowning in medical debt. Seems like a no brainer.”

No matter what your political views, this has to be a critical factor in deciding what you support.


Not by coincidence the Canadians call it Medicare or at least my Canadian Granddaughter does. When she discussed immigrating to the US, I advised her against it.

'Your medical savings will afford you a higher or simpler quality of life in Canada you can not get in the US. Health care in America is a form of restraint not unlike being in prison for you and the children…


I think lamestreet media, all pundits, radio hosts should stop talking about Trump and focus on the malfeasance of billionaires, many not all corporations, lobbyists, and mostly the republican politicians who lied constantly as they’ve gotten away with it for at least 30/40 years. Oh and I forgot most importantly the malfeasance of Supreme Court.



thanks for sharing


What you mean-um “profits”, Kema Sabé?   Profiteering is a more accurate description of Big Pharma’s and Big Insurance’s business model.

Bah , again typing in the morning where my brain runs faster than the fingers can type. Two “dollars” later should be two days later and I neglected to mention another 40$ i had to spend. This not due to medical costs. I was in a two hour parking zone as I had not thought the doctor would send me for an immediate xray and imaging. I received a 40 dollar parking ticket :slight_smile: as it ended up taking around 3 hours sum total.

I only noticed the ticket on my windshield this morning.

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Health coverage by insurance companies is not a profitable business. Health care should not be part of capitalism. The for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical industries stifle creativity in our creative country by tying a person to a job they do not feel creative doing. Capitalistic health coverage does not give businesses the room to breath. Medicare for All. Stop crippling our capitalistic system.

There another aspect about single payer healthcare as opposed to the for profit model.

With Tax revenues funding health care it in the BEST interests of a Government to enact policies that keep a population healthy.

In the for profit model the Corporations providing healthcare make more profits the less healthy a population is.


I liked the two dollars myself. :slight_smile:

Like a bad dream, cue the lying machine, producing more lies/minute than can be tracked, all designed to undermine democratic accountability and a health care economy that serves the people.
This is the culture that must be challenged and changed.

Even if “Two dollars later” was a Freudian slip, I thought it was cute.

I wonder, if we get a single payer plan here in the U.S., will the fight go on afterward to get insurance companies back in again. That would really suck.

We might eventually be headed for legislating truth. It may be the only way to stop the rampant lying.

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Reading your post makes me sad. What horrible people we have in government. We have one Tommy Douglas-like person running, Tulsi and a bunch of empty duds. Warren is decent on many issues, not on this one, and this one is huge.

If you want to affect these perverted companies we will need to go after the Heads of these private companies directly. Like 100,000 people on the sidewalk in from of the home of the CEO’s Chairmen of the boards etc singing “We’re Not Gonna Take it…” . They are not afraid of us because they have bought and paid for our representatives. The election system is rigged and will be for a long time. They need to be afraid - “scared to death”. It’s the only thing they respond to.