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Industry Was Doubly Generous with 13 GOP Senators Now Drafting Trumpcare

Industry Was Doubly Generous with 13 GOP Senators Now Drafting Trumpcare

Common Dreams staff

As a group of thirteen Republican Senators—all of them both white and male—continue to craft in secret their version of a major healthcare overhaul bill, a new analysis shows these lawmakers have received approximately double the amount of campaign contributions from the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries than their senate colleagues who have been so far excluded from the process.

Now who would have thought. If we don’t get money out we are all doomed. And yes I wish I had the answer.

What a surprise…pandering to their patrons (donors, lobbyists, benefactors) to fill their own pockets and fund their retirements and pay for their vacation manses in the Caribbean or Aspen/Vail/Jackson Hole. To hell with their constituents and all other Americans whose best interests they were ‘elected’ to represent. Scum.


Looks like business is functioning normally in the good old UCA (United Corporatocracy of America). The legislative puppets are responding well to the strings being pulled by their puppet masters. Much better than they did during the last administration. Their ridiculous convoluted plan will ensure that only the 1%, who don’t need it, will be the only Americans that will be able to afford it.

Brilliant work gents!


Thirteen men at a secret table and somebody dies. None of them, of course. It’s the death panel.

Now wouldn’t this make a great Stephen King book?


This implies that the Dem authors of ObamaRomneyCare didn’t receive big money from pharma and insurance.

But that’s not the case, yo. For instance:

I have been saying that those who voted for the American Health Care Act are guilty of murder. Now it has been upgraded to murder for hire. Given that our justice system does not prosecute the rich and powerful for such crimes, we must be satisfied that they will only be punished for such a heinous crime in the afterlife. I will be waiting for them, and will personally kick their sorry butts straight to hell.

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Although they may be pretending to, NOBODY in the Senate is “drafting Trumpcare”.

They are simply stalling to allow voters’ attention to be distracted by other events and by tweeter in chief until they can vote the House Bill in and move on to their highest priority…stacking the courts with right wingers.


Max Baucus was an insider to the industry taking blood money just like McConnell and friends. They removed the “public option” that would have set up “medicare for all”. Of course corruption is everywhere in the US. But Trump, Mcconnell and Ryan are the tip of the vulture capitalistic oligarchy ready to disappear millions without notice nor caring. False equivalencies are useless as we are eaten alive.

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Here’s where I’ll dispute your false equivalency:

If Baucus and the Ds had presided over the implementation of health care system that became popular and effective, they wouldn’t be watching the lackluster gift to insurance and pharma that they did install be dismantled. Yep, that blood money thing can come back to bite you in the ass.

The US has the best political system money can buy which, among other things, ensures that our health care industry makes the healthiest profits in the world.

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The GOP SCOTUS helped big-time by allowing states to not do the medicaid advantage part of the ACA.
Never underestimate the advantage to Republicans from the GOP SCOTUS beginning with their selection of Bush as President. Or the advantage McConnell took by refusing to appoint Obama’s nominees to courts and to the Supreme Court. To me the GOP is a criminal organization due to all this. I live in CA where the implementation of the ACA has been profession and well-done. Of course all red states did their best to destroy the ACA because they have no concern about sick people. What the GOP is doing in the name of “health care” is really just a looting of the money for the benefit of a few wealthy which they could do anytime for any reason if the fascist GOP march in lock step to McConnell’s 50 votes in 5 minutes in the dark.

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Side note: The otherwise execrable Republican governor of my once blue-now-red state went with the Medicaid expansion to cover 400,000+ more people and did a good job.

The R-Party plays to win. The D-party plays to not upset anyone.

How’s that been working out?

No idea what you are talking about. Obama upset plenty when he did the ACA. They just cut $800B from medicaid meaning they cut for all Disabled, all elderly in nursing homes, half the children born in the US, the poor and sick to give a few fat cats a $50,000 tax deduction every year. I would not live in a red state.

Tar and feathers, anyone? Pitchforks? These greedy bastards need a
V E R Y B I G W A K E U P call. What is so disgusting is that their deaf
and dumb constituents will probably re-elect them because they have no
interest in studying what is happening in DC. I’d like to kick in the picture
tube & throw away the phones of the idiots voting for these MONSTERS.

What I’m talking about is this: Trump and the Republicans ran on killing Obamacare. Protests from Republican governors, like mine, who went with Medicaid expansion, have been ignored.

And republicans have been winning across the board, because–lo and behold–ObamaCare was never popular.

When your Democrats have political power, they offer up watered down Republican-lite policy, like Obama-RomneyCare. Their liberal base hears every excuse in the world about pragmatic solutions and incremental progress and satisfying soccer moms. Because that’s how our system works. Then, when the Republicans take power, they scorch the earth, AS THEY PROMISE–to show us how a system really works.

Now, if the number one reason that voters choose to not vote is, ‘nothing changes when I vote,’ don’t you think the Dems might want to think about a bolder vision? Or should they, like Ossoff, pledge to never raise taxes or support single payer?

And I’m glad to hear you’ll never live in a red state. But the Republicans are gunning for everywhere, and with only the corrupt/feckless Dems to stop them, I’d be looking over my shoulder if I were you. While the Dems were asleep at the wheel in my state, we went from total blue, to nearly total red outside of our 2 senators.

There is nothing about Republicans nor red states that I can tolerate. Fortunately I live in CA where most feel the way I do. We made a success out of the ACA that was damaged by the GOP SCOTUS and the GOP in their fascist run red states. You could have chosen anything on the budget to cancel and give the money to your much loved fat cats, but instead you chose to destroy Disabled , children, women, sick old and poor with your hideous medicaid $800B cut. You deserve all the bad things you shall get. The “election” was a hack both by Russia and the Trumpers working together. The facts are almost out now. Dems have been gerrymandered, Jim Crowed and hacked. Whatever emerges if we do not become a part of Putin will not be what you seem to like and respect nor will we like and respect you.