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Inequality Against Democracy: 10 Facts About the 1 Percent


Inequality Against Democracy: 10 Facts About the 1 Percent

Richard Eskow

Economic inequality inspired Occupy Wall Street, a movement that in a few short months transformed our political discourse with the concept of the “1 percent” and the “99 percent.” Today the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders is altering the political landscape with a call to reduce inequality.

Why does this theme resonate with so many voters? How does it intersect with other issues like social justice, national security and the environment? Is inequality irreversible?


Thank you for compiling the comprehensive list, Mr. Eskow.

The graph showing the wealth concentration now as consistent with that which led to the Great Depression is a potent visual. And I appreciate your mention of the Page and Gilens Study (along with several other sources).


Several of the Clintons' policies have led to this massive skewing of who owns what:
1. Clinton's "ending welfare as we know it."
2. Clinton's deal w/the devil-Newt Gingrich, see 1 and destruction of Glass-Steagall

The 2nd Clinton who has damaged our lives is Hillary the Hawk, w/her disastrous turn @ State.


1st Clinton also slammed the 99% by zealously pushing NAFTA, telecom decriminalization and commodities trading decriminalization.

2nd Clinton's voting record during her 8 years in the US Senate was even more damaging than her time at the helm of the US Department of State.


Excellently points out what is wrong, but falls short on solutions.

Toning down bad capitalist concepts as a solution is akin to telling a serial killer to try and just kill the bad people.


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no matter how hard we try we will only get incremental changes and a few more crumbs off the rich man's table. we are like ants at the picnic of the rich, hardly more.
i'm for a basic minimum income for at least the the poorest 40 million americans, but oh no, then the outcry will arise that someone somehow for some reason is getting something that someone else thinks they should get even if they don't need it.the social security administration could administer the program. democrats would strenuously object because the reason for being for most aid programs would disappear. the 40 million, or let's say everyone because everyone got social security basic income, would also get medicare. both agencies are overwhelmingly approved by americans. as i say, dismantle all the other federal public assistance programs. not likely because of politics but democrats should still propose it to show they can put our general welfare ahead of politics.
people receiving a minimum basic income would spend almost all of that income boosting demand, which is what genuinely powers the economy. it seems like a no brainer to me but basic income would improve lives while recycling money back to the rich.