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Inequality and Covid-19 in 13 Charts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/28/inequality-and-covid-19-13-charts-0

Just to add. Kenya is one of the poorer Countries in the World. It has a population of 54 million most of them Black. This Population is greater then the population of Blacks in the richest Country in the World , the United States of America.

682 have died to COVID in Kenya. More Blacks have died in the USA.

So the article sub title claims there’s skewed gender outcomes with Covid yet even the link to the source page fails to show any data sowing higher case, or death rates for women. It’s pretty sleazy to subtitle a claim then totally fail to show any evidence. Of course the data shows no statistically significant difference in Covid outcomes for men and women. Diluting otherwise good science with fraudulent claims is so sleazy!

People were getting sick where I live at an exponentially increasing rate. You’ll notice that is not happening here any more.

The US healthcare system made it just a guaranteed disaster. So Trump should have used those two months to prepare, instead he kept pretending it was not going to hit us. he should have been impeached at that point. There shoud be a way to call a vote of no confidence.
Which then triggers a new election. The two parties are actually in cahoots and are trying to get the country to allow a trade deal from hell (TISA) that nobody would ever vote for, and hide an existing oe that locks us into this horrible ehalthcare system. they all are cooperating to hide it.

thats whats behind the mess we are in today.

Kids unlike what people seem to think do get coronavirus and carry it, its just that often their infection is asymptomatic.

The government should be doing more for people who are sick or unemployed, but you cant just tell people to go to work when many businesses have not changed anything. ventilation is really important, you cant have a lot of people in a closed space any more. All those people breathing one anothers air will transmit coronavirus.

They should have laws that require businesses to upgrade their ventilation (one way to do it is with heat recovery ventilation) so that they arent losing all that heat, which otherwise is going to be expensive leaving windows open.

MEN die at a much higher rate from COVID-19, thats one of the first things they figured out.

Estrogen may be protective against it. Also, women when they have children get some stem cells from their unborn child, that may help them. Men dont have that benefit.

Stress kills lots of people, being a group that is costantly under stress takes a huge toll. White people are beginning to have the same problems due to services liberalization. Poor is the new Black.