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Inequality is Feeding America


Inequality is Feeding America

Jim Hightower

Vast disparities in the economy happen not by chance, but by intentional design


“With the labor market tightening, why don’t they [fast-food workers] just hop down the street to another franchise offering a better deal? Many try that, only to be rejected again and again, unaware that most fast-food chains have hidden within their franchising contracts “no-hire agreements,” prohibiting one franchisee from hiring another’s employees.”

How many gnats’ asses did the corporate lawyers have to split to avoid making this situation subject to RICO?

FFS Ronald McDonald, have you no decency? Or have you just farmed out the corruption to the franchisees under a wink and a nod?


Thanks to Jim Hightower for his always moral views and activist commentary!

Farm workers and American family farmers have always been victimized by the capitalist system (except of course corporate poison industrial agriculture) as have all workers (except the few) since vulture capitalist usury and system took-over America.

The 1% have never done a days work in their miserable lives but live lives of obscene ease and luxury while workers and American family farmers slave their lives away, just to live…


The clear disdain that the ruling elites openly show for the working classes, reflective in the economic inequality that has worsened every year for decades due to the Duopolys collusion with the corporations to progressively rob workers of benefits and pay, is reaching a breaking point. Worker’s apathy and willingness to allow themselves to be taken advantage of, so that elites can amass huge amounts of wealth is showing signs of breakdown.

As we have seen in many other parts of the world, when this happens, massive protests can lead to violence and death.

The Duopolys willingness to use any means possible at their disposal to maintain order and control, spells danger for those of us who protest.

To make the greatest impact in changing corrupt systems of government, our messages must be clear and coordinated.

Two thirds of our country believe We have an insane and corrupt President and an equally corrupt Congress.

Our message to them and the wider world must be, No More!

They have abused their power and, They Must Go!

The Republican Congress changed the rules once they held the majority, and now, since We the People represent the majority of Americans, we’re changing the rules.

They Must Go, or, We Shut Down Everything with Non-Violent Non-Cooperation.

It will require some organization but I believe We can do it.


Here in Pennsylvania, the Democrats support a bill that would raise minimum wage by increments to $15/hr by 2024. A majority of the Republicans, who have a lock-hold on the state legislature (due to ruthless gerrymandering of a sort that Democrats have never done), would do away with minimum wage altogether if it weren’t for the federal FSLA law, passed by Democrats and vehemently opposed by Republicans back in 1938.

So sorry, but I really have trouble seeing this “duopoly” you are talking about. Sure, all the parties are capitalist - but that is true even in, say, Sweden.


It’s easy for Ds to claim support for something that has no chance of success. It makes points with their base without angering the donor class. But when Ds since LBJ have held power, their accomplishments have been distinctly underwhelming.

When the Harlem Globetrotters play the Washington Generals, do you think it’s a legitimate sporting event whose outcome isn’t known beforehand? That’s what we mean when we say “duopoly.”


The pursuit of true Democracy by the Duopoly died decades ago.

One party throwing the masses a few crumbs here and there along the way, while maintaining a constant War footing, spreading Death and Weapons and making love to the corporations, isn’t enough to warrant undying support for.

Blind trust is just that. Blind trust.


To be perfectly honest, when you take into account how low wages are now, raising the minimum wage by less than a dollar a year is a joke. The democrats are not helping anyone but their donors and themselves.


Consumers, some of them, demand better conditions for farm animals, such as grass fed cattle and free range chickens.

And they demand fair trade coffee…
– So when will they demand better conditions for farm workers in the USA?


By the way…

Some environmentalists would point out that America devotes too much land to growing too much food (some of which goes into fuel ethanol…), which is why Americans are so obese, and why American subsidized production drives down farmers’ wages world wide.
– They tell us that we and the whole world would be better off if we grew less food!


In the end the main problem comes back to inequality. Yes we could probably survive with less food but try telling that to the rich, to share the sheer amounts of stuff they have with the filthy peasants. These cretins at the top would rather pillage the world to the ground than get rid of one scrap of their ill gotten gains.


Years ago I saw an opinion piece titled “Does America Need Land Reform?” (I clipped the article, but it shows the flood of information that I can’t find it right now.)

The environmentalists would say that we can certainly survive on less land devoted to food. It is simply a matter of using it all better and more equitably.

As for the rest of your answer, perhaps you should check whether your preconceptions are clouding your judgment (aka ‘prejudice’). Rev. Thomas Hobbes and Adam Smith are just a few among many who have noted that the natural condition of man is privation. We, even our American poor folk, live better lives than that. At least 95% of us are living okay lives, better lives than our ancestors of 240 years ago, and 1% live very luxurious lives. Aside from the covetousness and begrudgement the 99% feel towards the 1%, how are the 1% injuring our lives?


If anyone needs a donor that badly, then that is not democracy- not even a shade of it.


Corruption, and over consumption as well as CEOS making over four hundred times what the worker makes.


Americans are obese ( well some) because of eating too much and inserting sugar and soda into meals. Not only that , but much of the US is in love with eating dead animals, and fast food to boot. Amercians are also obese because many of the jobs now involve sitting in a cubicle and spending a great deal of other time at a computor or in a car.


Good point. Notice that people want farm animals to be treated well but they still eat them!


Most people are apathetic- seriously. They care for their own but not for the greater good of society.


When the topic of increasing the minimum wage comes up I see three possible motivations. Here is one, complaints that the lowest wages are too low and must be increased to a “livable” level.

When I hear that I can’t help recall what other liberals, the environmental ‘resources-are-limited’ liberals, have said: that Americans consume so much more than people in the rest of the world. Which is synonymous with a higher standard of living and a higher wage. Since the world’s resources are limited, it is unfair for Americans to live so well. And that America’s middle class and 1% ought and deserve to have their standard of living brought down to a level that doesn’t damage the Earth so much.

With those two thoughts in my head, I am less interested in increasing the minimum wage, and more interested in how the burdens felt by lower classes and the rest of us might be made lighter, so that we can live more nicely at a lower wage, consuming less of the planet.