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Inevitability: Nuclear War is Coming


Inevitability: Nuclear War is Coming

Winslow Myers

Nuclear war is coming. Our officials are currently increasing the chances of that.

I only write ominous op-ed pieces like this in the spirit of hoping I’m an inaccurate prophet. But I’m unable to avoid the difficult conclusion that nuclear war, absent an immediate, fundamental, worldwide change in attitude, is an inevitable part of our future. It could be weeks, months, or years away. But it is coming.


I don't think any political leader will escape the wrath of the people if any one of them allows this to happen. And it will be a justified wrath.



The inevitability of nuclear war on our planet is goes hand in hand with the inevitability of catastrophic climate disruption. Both are caused by denial and unwillingness to change. It's easy to blame it all on our political leaders, psychopaths to be sure, but when it comes right down to it we have to own how much of the problem is caused by our profligate lifestyles, blindness, and willful ignorance of the inevitable. Everyone who has grandchildren, like me, will have a lot of explaining to do as to how we let this happen.


Global Emergency:...... 1+1=2..... The US has used Nuclear Weapons on Japan and the US has used field, tactical nuclear weapons (Depleted Uranium) in the Middle East....AND Now the US will spend over $1 Trillion dollars on the development of new, smaller upgraded nuclear weapons......Weapons are developed to be used. .....To stop this we must not only ban nuclear weapons, but we must also shut down all nuclear power plants.

"Though few are yet aware of it, it is a global emergency. You have changed the chemistry of the atmosphere, of the waters and the soils. And now the world is changing—changing so rapidly, so dangerously, changing now in ways that will affect you more than you realize. God’s Message for the world must sound the alarm and provide the preparation for a new world reality. It is a time and a threshold that will call upon many to arise out of their self-preoccupied lives, out of their personal misery and confusion, to serve a world in peril. This is one of the reasons why there is intervention from the universe beyond you because those who value this world for themselves recognize what is taking place. They have tested the atmosphere of the world. They understand what humanity has done to pollute its air, its waters and its soils. For this has happened countless times in the universe. It is well understood there."... from The Global Emergency from the Sacred Text, The New World. newmessage.org.


"there may indeed be miraculous hidden forces at worK" good argument sans evidence for ufos, imo, does make it easier to explain why they haven't been used yet.


For the first time I feel it necessary to adopt Siouxrose's dislike of the word "we." It's certainly not the American people who dropped the first nuclear bombs, and it won't be the American people who want or create conditions for nuclear wars: it's the small group belonging to the military-industrial complex that's responsible for such possibilities. Specifically, today, it's the neo-cons, of which Hillary is one, that love nuclear bombs and would not hesitate to use them again on other nations. Since these are but a small, pathetic group of psychopaths, they could be overcome and thrown into the dustbin of history by the American people. Or should I say the American people under the fearless leadership of Bernie Sanders. So if we want a sane and tolerably safe future, vote for Bernie and ensure that he goes to the WH.


my first instinct--vote Bernie! phonebank, canvass, donate, text. :O)


The world is out of balance. Nature kills off any organism that overpopulates the biosphere and threatens its diversity. Why should our species be an exception? Is it because throughout many centuries, superstitious and authoritarian old men wrote: "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."?

When will we learn that if we treat nature with respect? If we don't overpopulate the world, pollute our environment, extinguish species, deplete our natural resources, nature will take care of us all without much effort on our part. Ancient, native tribes lived sustainably with nature for thousands of years. At our present pace, "civilized" people will destroy themselves in a few short years. Trying to dominate nature has failed along with rules made by superstitious old men many years ago.

The World Out of Balance:



We already have a nuke-puke winter folk's, it's called Japan, it happened on 3/11/11. Just a little over 5 years ago. Just because it wasn't a bomb, just because it didn't have a mushroom cloud doesn't mean it isn't killing all it comes in contact with. Try reading enenews.com on just what FUKU has and is doing to the pacific ocean, our western shores and all life in between. In the 5 years since it happened nothing has worked to contain it, we do not have the technology to stop it, not for 30/40/50/60 years. Poisons that will last for 100's of thousands of years. This is but one example for the 430 some nuke planets globally. Most are built right on the waters edge, with sea level rise they will go thermal, period. No need to drop bombs, we're toast anyway.


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Trying to resurrect old scares? The nuke war all the rage during the 50, 60, 70s to keep the sheeple in a constant state of fear. What gives? Global warming (climate change) and terrorism not having the required effect?


Thank you. I just got back from a trip and didn't have the energy to counter this uniformity argument.

Also, not one poster mentions patriarchy and its coupling with militarism. While (as I have explained countless times) the few females who rise to power within the patriarchal-capitalist state will, by necessity, adopt (and adapt to) the metrics of the existing state... for the most part, these behaviors do not comport with the Feminine Side of Creation. That side is related to nourishment, nurturance, caring, and preserving life.

The obsession with war, weapons (most of which simulate a phallus and its propensity for ejaculation), aggression, and actions that come down to who's the biggest, baddest, ape... are those of VERY DAMAGED males. (Not all males are damaged, but all males are imprinted by patriarchy and as I've observed in this forum for YEARS... this is a subject they are too defensive, insecure, and blind to honestly discuss; no less, come to grips with.)

Miraculously, some males do manage to transcend the entire cuckoo's nest syndrome. The idea of masculine dominance and what it's meant to the lopsided nature of investments and priorities, added to the FACT that these decisions largely come from The Deep state... are entirely lost on Myers.

Far too many males who are taken for intellectuals 100% leave out the wisdom, witness, and testimony of Black persons, women, Indigenous tribal leaders, and any other entity that doesn't reflect THEIR world view.

It's precisely (and primarily) the dominance held by this singular world view--that which was largely facilitated by white male European intellectuals-that still claims authority (on false grounds) to speak for all. And its insistence on its own right to dominate explains why there are attacks on persons, nature, and the Life Force itself.

ONLY an understanding and embrace of the intended Divine Balance can right the course of a humanity pushed to the edge of extinction by those who have no respect for life.

Earlier today when I saw a pregnant woman, two thoughts came to me. First, how could anyone bring a child in now. Second, I wondered if she was worried about Zika.

Then I considered that the same minds/mindsets that built nuclear power plants with heavy radioactive fuel pools 7 stories above ground (look at all the recent major earthquakes!) in a zone known for quakes (Fukushima), now arrogate to themselves the right to geo-engineer nature from DNA onwards.

And always, given "the law of unintended consequences," for their playing fast and loose with things that no flawed mortal ought to mess with, they leave horrors behind... (like what Oppenheimer realized about the A-bomb... "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds") all they can do is say they are sorry, if that, after the calamitous fallout is visited upon INNOCENT others.

No. WE are not all into building bombs or using them.

I detest this stupid frame.


I agree with most of what you say, except that we can take responsibility for ending the production of nuclear power and nuclear weapons without, as Siouxrose says, assuming that we were "into building bombs or using them." Many Americans are NOT the ones who decided to produce or use the bomb, but as a nation ALL or nearly all can come together to get rid of this curse of humankind.


I believe most people possess male and female characteristics, though it's logical that each gender would've more of its inborn traits. It might surprise some people that the entire work of Lao Tzu, the Tao Te Ching, assumes the superiority of the female over the male.


But that doesn't mean there weren't readers who thought about that while reading this article . You got to it and wrote it first and it is appreciated. Please don't put down those who may have deferred to you on this topic or others, such as myself, who live in a different time zone and found the table already spread.

One major objection I had to this article is its referencing the purveyors of patriarchal texts, and associated practices, that have been a part of bringing us to this point. For example, Myers says, "We ignore the life-affirming realism of Jesus, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Martin Luther King..." With the possible exception of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, these men have all rejected marriage, or sexual relations. They have not put themselves in an integrated, loving, free and equal relationship with women. These men speak only at and to women. Abstinence was/is a key aspect of their lives.

The author could have included women, those in the forefront of anti-war, anti-nuclear proliferation work, to make his point. He didn't and I fear he probably didn't even notice the omission.


I do not agree that nuclear war is inevitable, but I do agree it is probable; however endless war is inevitable.


Is Hillary the war hawk not a militarist and a woman? People push this gender bias even in the face of absurdity. The person we fear most wants to start a war and perhaps use nuclear weapons ala Kissinger's acceptable casualties doctrine (casualties which he estimated of up to 100 million were acceptable for our side assuming that we succeeded in wiping out the other side) is a woman!

It was the complete otherness of using a genocidal nuclear weapon that has protected us this long after WW2 but tactical nukes (small yield weapons like cannon shells) make the satannic weapons become familiar and their use will gradually grow to feel more casual and tolerable until finally the urge to use one of these small nukes becomes too tempting to a militarist mind. The only problem is the problem ... The other side will use theirs. So then the small weapon use is expanded upon and it is used in greater numbers or larger weapons are used in an attempt to forestall the other guys having a chance to return fire. But you know they will... Mutually Assured Destruction.

And the song went ..."Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!"


Indeed she is, but she is also fully immersed and operating within and forwarding the dominant paradigm. This is the worldview that has enshrined the most negative aspects of gender inequality and hyper-masculinity. Once the system controls your vision, your options become narrowed and your path unwavering. Identification with a particular worldview is irrespective of an individual's gender. It is very common for the oppressed to become willing executioners having adopted an alien belief system that justifies their behaviour. Some systems may stay in place for millennia. This has been true in numerous situations, places and times throughout history. Religion is a prime, but not the only, example.


Yeah, you're right.