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Inevitability or Electability? Sanders Reminds Voters He's Most Likely To Trounce Trump


Inevitability or Electability? Sanders Reminds Voters He's Most Likely To Trounce Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As the dust settled after the weekend's primary contests, Bernie Sanders reminded voters that—despite the corporate media once again seizing on the narrative of an "inevitable" Clinton/ Trump match-up—he remains the country's best chance of stopping Donald Trump.

"If you want a candidate who is going to defeat Donald Trump, you’re looking at him," Sanders told a crowd of 5,200 in Greenville, S.C. on Sunday.

"There would be nothing that would give me greater pleasure than in fact beating Donald Trump," he added.


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Last I heard there are still five candidates running in the Republican primary. I don't see how Carson has any chance so let's say four serious candidates. After Super Tuesday it might time to look at the situation again. It could be Trump for sure. I think Rubio and Kasich do the best against the Democrats in polling. Rubio really has to scare Democrats but can even win one Republican primary.


The percentage of Black voters that voted for Clinton in Nevada (76%) was almost identical to the percentage of voters that said they voted for Clinton because she was the most "electable" candidate. This may be coincidence, but I doubt it. I suspect Clinton's lead in SC is almost entirely driven by this perception of "electability", so this is a very important point for Bernie to drive home. The media won't help him, of course.

Incidentally, I read the article on Bloomberg by Halperin. Two weeks ago he was proclaiming Clinton was in bad trouble. Now he's claiming Bernie is in the soup based largely on his claim that Bernie was expected to win or tie in Nevada after the CNN poll, and thus failed to meet "expectations". This is an "expectation" that he's made up on the spot, of course. He appears to be a columnist prone to making extreme statements, based on his wild swings on Clinton and Sanders ...


The corporate media and indeed all corporations and everyone who has bought in to the current system wants it to be a match up between 2 "Champions" of the current system like Trump and Clinton. If this is the eventual contest, then the elite have already won, and it doesn't matter who gets the white house, except for the rest of us Americans possibly having to live the Gernam people's perspective, and repeat their experiences under Hitler in WW2. This is an ominous foreboding, for "The Donald" is a cult of personality, and as such he embodies Fascism down to this last final detail more assuredly than the current rotating 'dictatorship' that now goes back and forth between the "2 party" candidates who pursue the same ends, just at different speeds. Viewed through this lens, Donald Trump has definitely "bought in" to the current system hook, line and sinker. He is and has been making out like a bandit with the current bankruptcy and tax laws. He wouldn't really want to change much there, except to stake out a bigger piece of the pie for himself, as long as it means he benefits, then he's all for it.


These entrance and exit polls seem almost worthless but I think there is plenty of evidence that Clinton does very well with registered Democrats, older voters, and African Americans and very poorly with the most liberal voters, younger voters, and independents.


The Clinton brand is like coca-cola?
It's a southern brand that tastes good, and rots teeth and promotes obesity. Kool-aid
must also be a southern brand because they drink a whole lot of it in states like S.C.
Hopefully they will listen to Bernie in the next week and realize how they're being duped.


Polly wanna cracker? Cracker? Cracker?


Quit generalizing. I am a middle aged former Dem and I am voting for Sanders, and so is Susan Sarandon and others.

The stereotypes are bogus.


Some stuff on Nevada caucus:



Jill would be a good Bernie cabinet member, EPA head, Fish and Wildlife, or Department of Interior.


Sanders would have a better chance of getting elected with Warren as V.P.
Stein is well known here at C.D., but the general public has never heard of her.


No HOPING needed. Don't put any energy into HOPING Trump beats Hillary. There is no chance that any baggage laden Clinton stands a chance against Trump. Trump has proven that he is second to none at wrapping their baggage around his competitors' necks. Hillary has more baggage than all of the GOP contenders combined. Trump will have a grin wider than the Cheshire cats' if Hillary is nominated,

Although Bernie will have a huge challenge beating Trump in November, at least he stands a good chance when you consider the high turnout Bernie will inspire.


Are you selling saltines? I'll take a box.


IN NH, not an exit pole an actual election, Sanders did VERY well in every single demographic except those making over $200,000. In other words, the young, the old, the in between both male and FEMALE overwhelmingly preferred Sanders over Clinton. Iowa will not release the vote count so we don't know the demographics there. I haven't read of any statistics coming from Nevada.


There are options besides Trump. There are third party candidates and the option to write-in.


The way it is going ...Trump will be the President when he is against Clinton. By the way, Last Clinton lost our industries...I lost my world class engineering job in 1993...and since then no real heavy duty engineering work....everything went to Asia...


Trump continues his "paper-hanger" impersonation with this invitation to violence at an appearance.

"When one of two hecklers interrupted the businessman, the property magnate openly talked of violence. “You know what they used to do with guys like that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks,” he said.

Noting the protester was smiling as he was escorted out, Trump quipped: “I’d like to punch him in the face, I tell you that.” It was a remarkable comment from a presidential candidate who appears to be building a momentum that could soon be unstoppable."

"Unstoppable" ? - boy, the media whore salesforce sure has this election by the cojones selling lies, fear, defeat, and BS inevitability like any worthless product.......


The. Fix is on! So many reports of cheating in Nevada and Iowa. Where there are actually one person, one vote, Bernie wins. Many longtime Ds, including this writer,
are staying in to primary for Bernie, then unenrolling from the Party because of the DNC and Hillary bias.


Who knows how he would have done in a less crooked state. I think there's a lot of behind the scenes fixing in Nevada, given its history of mob connections and corruption of local and state officials. The mob is supposedly gone now, but I doubt that. They never leave the big money and would want someone like Hillary, who plays their game, in power. Then there was the push polling. Then the disorganized and overwhelmed caucaus sites, with dirty tricks galore by Hillarians, where cheating seemed rampant. All of which leads me to wonder if Bernie really did lose. One thing is apparent: he needs organized teams of poll watchers and election site workers ready to document irregularities because Hillary campaign workers seem to be like her. Cheating, lying, deception and any dirty trick is acceptable. Anything to win. They never stop to think: if she'll cheat all these people, she'll cheat me.