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'Inexcusable': Hillary Clinton, Who Lost to Trump in 2016, Won't Commit to Helping Bernie Sanders Win in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/21/inexcusable-hillary-clinton-who-lost-trump-2016-wont-commit-helping-bernie-sanders


The Clintons (and those who believe them) would much rather have Trump in office than Sanders.


“Inexcusable”? I find it Deplorable.


This coming from the worst presidential candidate ever? Priceless.


Who the hell would watch a documentary about Hillary Clinton and her very well worn excuses for being a loser.

Bernie 2020


Maybe if I were constipated and needed a laugh at the audacity of her obtuse way of thinking !


What a mean spirited, narrow minded attack on Sanders. And I agree, she is probably projecting her own situation, i.e., nobody likes her.

And Clinton should be no one to gloat over her accomplishments in the Senate. There is the bankruptcy bill vote in 2001, The Iraq War vote, Welfare “reform” (that she supported though not in the Senate at the time) and the 3 Strikes bill (that she supported- again not in the Senate at the time). And repealing of the Glass-Steagall Act (Bill Clinton- but she doesn’t support reinstatement)

The Clintons have done more to corporatize the Democratic Party then any two people in the last 30 years. Their buddyism with Republicans like George W Bush- while lending the air of political civility and rational compromise- were in fact sell outs.

As for the charges of sexism and the Bernie Bros- this reminds me of her attack on Trump’s “Deplorables.” While there are offensive racists and misogynists on all sides of the political spectrum- using these kinds of labels solidifies opposition support- and probably was a factor in Trump’s election.

Hilary Clinton is a politician with very little charisma and political talent. Her only real strength is an ability to delve into policy details . These comments- by aiding Trump- only reinforce further her political ineptness.


Stupid bitch. No fucking body “likes” her. She has absolutely NO credibility as she seems to forget she LOST to the worst candidate in modern Presidential history. So her and her hillbilly husband should just shut the fuck up and enjoy all that easy “speaking fee” money they are both sucking in like the fucking grifters they are.


What do you expect from a sociopath?


F**k Hillary Clinton. She’s yesterdays trash. She’s the reason we have Trump today, because she was more interesting in sucking up cash from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley for offering them a few fawning platitudes than in going out on the stump and trying to relate to the people she labled “deplorables.” Her opinions are worthless, and she’s earned herself a dark spot in the history books.

Her endorsement would be more of a toxin than an aid to any candidate on the left.

Still, it shows what a scumbag this supporter of coups and wars really is after Bernie, despite her and the DNC’s treachery during the 2016 primary campaigns, still made 40 campaign events for her, including in states she didn’t deign to contest and campaign in, including those fateful ones she lost by a hair – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, as well as Minnesota, which he helped her win by a squeaker, and Ohio, which she lost but should have won if not for her “deplorables” statement.

Good riddance.
Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening!


This corporate shill stole the election from Bernie once. Now she’s trying to do it again. Go to hell, Hillary.


Wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment, but obliged to remind you that she WON the popular vote by some 3 million–being the OTHER worst candidate in modern presidential history.


LOL. Hillary said this about Senator Bernard Sanders:

“Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done,” Clinton claims. “He was a career politician.”

Thanks for the endorsement, Hillary. Now everyone is going to vote for Bernie!! Because everyone knows you are a mean, self-centered little piece of trash. And your negative assessment of a candidate is GOLD for that candidate. Now go endorse Klobutchar so she too, like you, plummets to below zero in the polls.



That says it all!


“Clinton confirmed that…she was “not going to go there yet” on supporting Sanders should he be the nominee.”

But “unity”??


Think of all the people who said in 2016 that progressives need to get behind Hillary because nothing could be more important than defeating Trump.

Then think of all the people who are trying now to undermine Bernie’s campaign, which arguably helps Trump’s cause and certainly suggests, as Hillary here indicates, that if he’s the nominee, they WON’T get behind him the way they insisted we get behind her in 2016.

Now think of how many people are the same in both groups, and consider whether, “We need to get behind her” really was about defeating Trump and if not, what else it could have been about.


I find it to be a “Well duh…” kind of thing.

Anybody who thought Hillary was anything other than Hillary the Bitter Incompetent, was delusional.


Dave you stole my thunder! Hillary Clinton’s endorsement would be like the kiss of death to Bernie. She claims nobody like Bernie but in reality it’s the exact opposite…nobody like Hillary, the loser who can’t even accept she failed due to her inaction in campaigning and her repulsive elitism but instead tried to shift blame to Bernie, Jill Stein, FBI, WikiLeaks, Russia, etc. Anyone who can and did lose to the biggest fraud in the history of the US has no room to talk negatively about the most popular politician in the US. She came, she saw, she choked…again.


Disgusting, vulgar, and venomous at so many levels. How come she did not express herself on Bernie when he was campaigning for her?

Positive though, as (a) for once, she has taken the mask off showing more of her true self…and (b) it shows they are scared and are taking Bernie seriously. And…I can’t believe I am saying this, but it seems that it was for the better that she did not win.


:fu:t3::fu:t3:Hillary Clinton​:fu:t3::fu:t3: Now forget about her!