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Infants Starving in Squalor Created by EU-Turkey Refugee Deal



This is sick.

And I am sorry to have to say this, but I will. Which candidate pushed for the regime changes that are causing these fleeing refugees?

I know some will say that I shouldn't politicize such a tragedy, but if HRC can blame Bernie for Sandy Hook, I can lay some of the blame for these horrors on Hillary. And there are numerous articles on how she wanted Qaddafi and Assad out (Iran is likely next on her radar). the thought of another President Clinton honestly scares and angers me.


It is very sick especially given the obscene levels of wealth that reside in the greedy pockets of the 1% and the more obscene political establishment in so-called developed nations. Of course, the US political elite as represented by HRC and most of the others pushed for and supported regime change in Syria in addition to Libya and used gulf nation oil dictators to support groups like ISIS to overthrow Assad. All of these refugees are a result of the US-lead invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere and instigation of civil war in Syria. And what are the governments in the US, Europe and the Persian Gulf doing about this refugee crisis? It looks like they are mostly ignoring, abusing, or punishing them (except for those organizations and individuals who are actually helping these people). What is happening to the people of Syria and other nations like Afghanistan and Iraq and Yemen is completely unjust and outrageous.


I in no way mean to distract from the travesty and tragic plight being imposed by EU/US/Turkey/IMF/et al. But rather propose a salient reminder of the insidious violence of the fear-impoverishment freight train of the above as neo-liberal cabal being twisted, torqued and forced on societies.
The 2013 documentary Catastroika


If your assessment of so-called "American values" is correct, then how do you explain the large support among many Americans for the anti-war candidate B. Sanders? American society is very diverse even if the political and corporate establishment that runs the country is not and many Americans are totally against this extremely arrogant war-mongering elitist we're number 1 worldview which has resulted in countless deaths and enormous suffering around the world (for a long time now).


'Many?' Obviously, nowhere near enough. People are only getting into Sanders now, when the capitalism they espoused and worshipped for generations starts to bite them back, just as those more thoughtful elsewhere in the world predicted it would, eventually. When they were doing okay out of it, and US foreign policy, at the expense of billions of others around the globe, they didn't give much of a shit.