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Infinite Hope: We're Not Done


Infinite Hope: We're Not Done

On this bittersweet MLK Day, John Lewis is still fighting against the lunacy of the times. Having been unwisely trashed by a clueless tweeter-elect, America's "singular conscience" has vowed to "keep working for what is right" and, summoning MLK's spirit, urged others to do the same. His loyal constituents have likewise loudly stood up for him. And a fiery Nina Turner has chimed in, exhorting a huge crowd to have courage with, "We have been here before."


My hope, as far as Dr. King is concerned, is that one day the Entities behind his murder will be Nationally Exposed for the scum that they are/were, and pay for their crime against Dr. King, his family, his fellow Citizens, We the People, and Our Country.


THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT has 1/17/2017 story on KING FAMILY COURT VICTORY (civil law sit) that proved James Earl Ray was innocent & rightwing racists & U,.S> Government assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.


What was left of American democracy was given the coup d' grace in November of 1963. The lone nuts, like James Earl Ray, Oswald,Sirhan Sirhan and others have always been used as sacrificial lambs in order to protect the deep state.