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Infinite War

Infinite War

Andrew Bacevich

The United States of Amnesia.” That’s what Gore Vidal once called us. We remember what we find it convenient to remember and forget everything else. That forgetfulness especially applies to the history of others. How could their past, way back when, have any meaning for us today? Well, it just might. Take the European conflagration of 1914-1918, for example.

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The Jimmy Dore show exposed what these wars all about when he reported on an interview by Rachel Maddow with one of those “talking heads”.

In that interview the “Talking head” admitted that the GOAL of the US MIlitary in Afghanistan was to get access to that Countries natural resources. He also admitted this what all US wars about . He called it “Releasing mineral wealth”. This in fact is what they are LIBERATING.

The President of the USA stated “we are going to participate in Economic development (Afghanistan) in order to defray he costs of the war”

The guy indicates "The USA is concerned it is not getting OUR SHARE " of Afghanistans minerals.


Recall that one of the most frequently heard GOP and faux news talking points during the 2002-2003 onset of the Iraq invasion was that the US would pay for 100% of the cost of the invasion and occupation with revenue from the oil the US would loot in Iraq ?

Wish I had a buck for every time I heard Dubya’s Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld remind us of that myth.


The United States Military has been the death of many.

If We the People of the United States of America do not do our civic duty of making our government in “our” image, not in the image of elite Democrats and Republicans, the United States Military may (will) be the death of us all.


Yes, both parties. If the democrites retake the house, you will not see Nancy Pelosi denouncing the wars.


Dore tape from August 2017. Of course, as is often said, it’s a War for Oil. But how is the oil ultimately used? Luxury air travel. Global trade. Ubiquitous car dependency like an infestation worldwide. The last use is more complex because car-related business interests don’t care how cars are fueled as much as motorists remain dependent on them for every travel need. Finance, insurance, pay to park, advertise, maintenance, repair, replace, roadway and car-dependent housing construction, motel vacation and car rental escapes from car-strangled hometowns, all benefit from car-dependency as glorified on TV.


From the article:

“Today, Washington need not even bother to propagandize the public into supporting its war. By and large, members of the public are indifferent to its very existence.”

If most of us are indifferent, it may be because most of us are unaware. The corporate media have utterly abandoned their Jeffersonian function, and instead cultivate apathy and alienation as carefully as an elementary school science class tends and breeds its guinea pigs; beside which, death and destruction are bad for ratings.

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This is breathtaking bullshit on a magnitude so grotesque I can’t believe Commondreams posted the article. Did Andrew forget that conga line of GENERALS on every single major network station on the run-up to the Iraq invasion, stumping for war? Was everyone ‘forced’ by Cheney to get out there and lie about Iraq’s nuclear arsenal? Who cooked up and green-lighted all the marginal/lying ‘intel’ by the DOD made-up Office of Special Plans?

“And let us at least credit our generals with this: in their efforts to liberate and democratize or dominate the Greater Middle East…” I assume he wrote this with a straight face. AIPAC couldn’t have done a better job. Who the hell is anyone to democratize or dominate another country - which hasn’t attacked you. This is how we got into the mess we’re in, with no end in sight. And that’s just fine with the MIC.

Consider too, all those retiring generals, with benefit packages similar to the best in the private sector, who seamlessly slide into lobbyist jobs for defense contractors. They know better than anyone we don’t need much of the hardware we’re producing (but I guess six figure salaries and stock options have a way of influencing one’s mind.) If you can believe it, there are still lobbyists for the tank industry!! Tanks, for christ’s sake. Medieval toys in the age of nuclear weapons, advanced aircraft and drones.

I’m sure Mr. Bacevich can cite upstanding generals in the Armed Forces. But let’s be honest here. We wouldn’t, couldn’t have obscene defense costs and perpetual war without their overwhelming consent, if not outright commission.


Shooting those that cry for war will solve the problem in less than a generation. Lead cures delusion 100% of the time.
It also cures treason.

When the war mongers are targeted for elimination the world will know peace… sounds funny but will work perfect.

“Until that occurs, however, the American penchant for war will stretch on toward infinity. No doubt Saudi and Israeli leaders will cheer, Europeans who remember their Great War will scratch their heads in wonder, and the Chinese will laugh themselves silly. Meanwhile, issues of genuinely strategic importance – climate change offers one obvious example – will continue to be treated like an afterthought. As for the gravy train, it will roll on.”

No doubt that Sun Tzu’s ghost is saying something along the lines of “I told you so”.