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Inflation Inequality and the Poverty Measure

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/06/inflation-inequality-and-poverty-measure

A numbers game numb to reality

Poverty shouldn’t exist in a country this rich.

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It wasn’t set right even when it was established. This was all part of Social Security and benefits. The person that headed that up came up with this theory that the cost of 3 square meals a day is what Social Security should pay and it was also appropriated to determine poverty yet no one ever sat down and even figured out what a “square meal” consisted of let alone how much it cost. So as long as you can afford food and nothing else don’t worry be happy.

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The root of the poverty problem, regardless of how it’s measured, will never be acknowledged by the affluent in this country, because the system they hold dear, capitalism, causes it. When your economic system sends almost everything to the top, how can poverty not exist? Other than the 35 (+/-) years after the New Deal programs enacted by FDR, that were really designed to save capitalism from itself, when has the majority in this country ever cared about poverty?
The latest trend to deal with this issue - criminalize poverty, “Lock them Up”, Las Vegas just passed ordnances to do just that, how fitting for the country that locks up more of it’s citizens than any other. Sure we’re the richest country in the world, as long as your close to the top, if not, it’s just another shithole.

Remember 2008 when the banks and insurers and re-insurers and the car companies and … where all back up by the taxpayers? That’s not capitalism that’s socialism for the 1%.

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I agree, but the 1% do love capitalism, for the rest of us.