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Infrastructure and a Green Stimulus: Why We Must Organize Before Congress Acts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/07/infrastructure-and-green-stimulus-why-we-must-organize-congress-acts

As I believe most CD readers know where I stand on environmental issues, I’ll not dwell on restating my Progressive wishes going forward. However, at least regarding the transportation sector, the recent tit-for-tat game the Saudis and the Russians have been playing over oil supply to markets (with the Russians perhaps recently backing off, but we shall see how long that may last) driving down oil prices, green energy initiatives in that sector have been dealt a significant setback. It is not something for which I am rooting, only something that I have to acknowledge as a market-driven reality at this point in time. Only governmental policy can offer override mechanisms for such market effects and address long-term climate-based threats. The Progressives must go in acknowledging such temporary market realities and bull their way through the bullshit.

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“Green Stimulus will never happen again under Trumps watch. The Obama administration spent billion on a “Green Stimulus bill and America received nothing for it except stolen money for Obama and Pelosi cronies. Pelosi better make a deal before Trump wins reelection in 2020 and the Republicans take back the House and the Democrats become even more marginalized.Roads, Bridges and Airport repair will help our economy and put American back to work not on bicycles like in Communist China. Remember Obama famous line Our shovel ready programs we not shovel ready well Trump will know how to direct those shovels .MAGA 2020

Obama’s 2009 infrastructure stimulus bill was watered down from the beginning allegedly to get GOP support even though the Dimcritters controlled both houses of Congress and needed no GOP votes, and not one GOP elected would have ever voted for any infrastructure bill anyway…and none did despite that year’s age old Susan Collins kabuki.

By the time the Newt rewrote the American English dictionary a quarter century ago the GOP has defined “infrastructure” as ever growing carte blanche military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) corporate welfare, no questions allowed.

Very intelligent post but you said nothing

If you can’t understand the democratic process of fair and honest debate, go live in Russia. The more thuggish you are there, the more money you’ll be paid as a ward of that police state.

I am still waiting for the Russian collusion investigation LoL

LIBERALISM is a mental disorder Happy Passover :skull_and_crossbones:

I should have used the term “simplification” (instead of anarchist BS) to describe capitalism too simply, like a bumper sticker. Liberalism is rooted in the word Liberty so enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Liberalism is abused and misused by elected officials who affect legislation that favors the wealthy. Both parties are guilty on that count. Cruelly removing social safety nets is elitist racist Republican party platform without the pointy head white sheet KKK outfit. I’ll wager $1000 Trump has his own red silk and gold trim pointy-head outfit stashed away somewhere. Donald Trump HATES ALL people of all income classes and party loyalists. He’s a flat out evil lying SOB.

For CD readers who might not be aware of The Next System Project, I highly recommend it for consideration.

Unlike many articles on CD which seem to be repeatedly pointing out obvious shortcomings and the need for change, provoking much critical commentary, The Next System Project, like this article by Mr. Poole, tends toward the sensibly realistic approaches we can, and should, pursue.

Horrid outcome recently by the Democratic Party Climate Plan. Another round of sending good money after bad to the nuclear industry. Another round of reindustrialization instead of major Conservation efforts that build community and individual wealth. Rejecting them this election cycle with a unclean Browned New Deal. I would rather wait till a real Green gets in to do the Green New Deal.