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'Inhumane at Any Time,' But During a Pandemic? House Approval of $740 Billion Pentagon Budget Condemned

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/31/inhumane-any-time-during-pandemic-house-approval-740-billion-pentagon-budget


“We like war. We are a war-like country.”
-The Late Great George Carlin


More proof that Amerika is a military, dictatorship! There are no Republicans or Democrats in CON/GRESS only the two war Parties.


The only thing worse and more destructive to civilian society than the worship of money, is the worship of the military; we are guilty on both counts…


“the passage in the U.S. House of a $740 billion defense bill”

To call it a defense bill is just more propaganda! The bill has nothing to do with defense; that narrative needs to be changed to what it really is: THE CORPORATE OFFENSE BILL.


All DemocRATS as well as RethugliKKKans who voted for this bloated waste of money must be condemned.There is NO excuse for their votes.


Hhh/http:/youtu.be/NJz0wDOB74U. Ohio

This is bizarro, upside-down world. The Republicans voted against military spending, and the Democrats voted for it.


That is very weird and there must be some nuance (read rot) we’re missing. WTF is this really about? Just war-machine boot-licking or what?

Is this a sick trade-off between domestic civilian funding and military?

Among the 12 Dems voting nay are Jayapal, Kennedy, Khanna, McCadams, AOC, Omar, Peterson, Pressley Tiaib.


Amerika is headed to the same ash heap as the former Soviet Union.

Spending on the military while more and more of their population suffers for lack of basics. The US economy is around $15 trillion in GDP. Military spending in total is about $1.5 trillion.

The United States of Amerika will soon break down and break apart as individual states struggle to survive above a 3rd world wretchedness.

  • Infrastructure failing
  • Education degrading
  • Environmental destruction
  • Social malaise
  • Lack of a viable economy within each state
  • Vampire banks sucking liquidity out of each state
  • Teachers and state workers going unpaid

But great military equipment and air shows!


I’d say that the Republicans were just being jerks because it was a “Democratic” bill, and also because they knew it would pass.

But the appearance is beyond strange. The Republicans can now claim the anti-war stance in elections.


Once again, we have the best Congress money can buy.

Hey, those $20 a pint ice creams in Nancy’s two 25K freezers don’t come cheap. Meanwhile, no medicare for all or extension of the $600 UI bump.


Hi Shantiananda:
And in the news from Ios angeles today: at 1: 00 pm. the CA Air National Guard is fIying over Ios angeIes with 14 of their 1st AssauIt Military HeIicopter BattaIion 140th Avation Regiment fIy over. Is this a warning to the other cities not to be PortIand? WHY are they wasting time and money dying over a big city ? I bet a Iot of people wiII wonder what is going on. : (


When, oh when are the political leaders of this nation going to realize that we cannot have “national security” by funding more and more high tech weapons, while people are increasingly starving and homeless at home?


The point of such lavish lumps of military spending, evidently, is to protect us from something other than that which is now rearing up to kill more of us than any war, eventually all wars. After COVID-19 kills 3 million of us, that’ll be more than fell on our side of every war USA ever fought. What was all that fighting supposed to be defending? Goodbye to all that.


LOL and I like that;-)

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Good question. It could be a practice for Trump declaring martial law in November.


We keep thinking that’s it will be trump that will try and use war to win an election. But it may just be Biden that will use war to try and save the crashed american economy.



The bill that passed was appropriations, not budget, and included the NDAA budget (already passed) along with other budget bills.

So, the democrats passed it because it included all of this. The republicans voted no (I suspect) because they did not like the non-NDAA appropriations (some or all)…

Pelosi and the “New Republican Party” leadership aren’t really on our side now are they?