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Initiating a Global Citizens Movement for the Great Transition


Initiating a Global Citizens Movement for the Great Transition

Adam Parsons

Journey to Earthland is a recently released book by the Great Transition Initiative (GTI), a worldwide network of activist scholars with a unique purpose—to advance “a vision and praxis for global transformation”. Few civil society organisations have such a broad focus on transformational strategies towards a new global social-ecological system, as condensed and overviewed in this latest publication by GTI’s director, Paul Raskin.


How can empathy be catalyzed? Good question.

The poor, the terrorized, the ugly, the tragic, the grotesque, have all been magically erased from the media and therefore the conversations and pictures in the minds of the general population.

The world has been sanitized!

We all have been systematically desensitized to others pain and turmoil. How can anyone have empathy, when subject matter that could promote empathy is not presented?

This article reminds me of one of my favorite little books..."Ecotopia." Ah, to have such a world.


This isn't too far out of reach. We saw the millions that marched in the women's march. We've seen how the movement for BDS spread out across the world.
We have also heard Bannon talk about uniting the right across the globe for power. They already have the same idea, since right wing movements exist now in England and several other countries.
This idea is superb and needed immediately. The world's citizen's are waking up just like we are, this could be what pushes it past party lines.
The IMF has said inequality is not sustainable and will end up hurting the elite in the end. They know it's coming. Let's make it happen.
If that many women can be rallied on one day all over the world, this idea can work.
Thank you for this post.


Then what? It's a start- but just marching and talking will not accomplish much unless one just wants to debate from the ivory tower.


It also reminds me about The GIver. Remember these worlds only exist in books although there are still some communes left over in the US from the 1960s.


Just include the "new man" concept, and it's all deja-vu.


Enter Citizens Un-tied/United against the Juggernaut, the Tyranny, the Lies, United Against "Citizens United"! A Third World Political Party/Cannabis Voting Block: * citizenuntiedblog.wordpress.com — Citizens Un-tied


We can bring about a just and sustainable and peaceful world by destroying all immigration barriers and treating the land as the common natural right of all.


And a sustainable society where trees and animal habitats constantley make way for new buildings.


Climate Change could be the catalysis for a global government. There are going to be climate catastrophes of various sorts that force mass migrations. It would be only common sense to forecast these changes in advance and prepare for them. Build new cities and infrastructure in anticipation. Prepare energy and food sources in advance and plan orderly transitions of the populations.


I was thinking that such a change would clear the way for the youth of the world to adopt a way of life that is wholesome , independent and health for the natural environment, resulting in agrarian democracies of small farms and farming communities.

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Awesome, and also a commons in urban communties instead of people being all spread out interrupting the animals lives.


Look up Henry George on Google and read about his proposal to treat the land as common property while keeping the fruit of our labor private. It got the support of some of the best thinkers of the time and is totally ignored today.

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I sure will do that. Thank you. I also believe that land belongs to not us but the Earth, and we are stewards who take care of it for awhile.

This sickness where the rich just abuse the Earth for profit is the exact opposite of what it means to be human and to have the connection to our home.


Henry George would agree with you completely. I would go even further and say that our true purpose here is to be the conscious voice and expression of nature. For that reason nature has always been our best touchstone to sanity.

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We have all??? Maybe you should speak for yourself.


Yes, it has, and it seems like money has become the voice of sanity which is tragic. The sovereign people's of the first light who have been here for thousands of years have strong connections to their roots, and their ancestors. When people become rootless, they do not have the connection to the Earth that they should. People like Dump for instance only see people and nature as sources of profit. Animals are the best, and our pets mirror what is in our souls. This is a great post.


Perhaps I should have said: They have tried to systematically desensitize us.


Yeah, they can try.


Yes and once we have won the coming fight to treat the land as the common, natural right of all people be free to adopt a way of life that's wholesome, independent and healthy for the natural environment. This is true democracy.

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