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Injuries After Anti-Fascists Counter White Supremacist Rally



And where did this Traditionalist Worker Party crop up from? Are these guys legit, or did some strategist get inspired after watching Chris Rock's Head of State one too many times? Funny how nobody ever heard of them before the Trump campaign started to look for real. Something seems fishy about it all, but then again these are interesting times full of all kinds of stupid I never dreamt could be possible.


It has long been my understanding that a good description of fascism is a social system where the interests of the state and of large corporations merge together. That brings to mind Hillary Clinton and her approach to governing more than anyone else. Given that Hillary Clinton is the prohibitive favorite to become the next US President, why aren't the anti-fascists attacking Clinton rallies? Why are they wasting their time attacking irrelevant nobodies? Why don't they attack real power?


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My understanding also of the historical definition of fascism; It was certainly Mussolini's version of it. As to your questions: I thought that's what I saw as the Sanders' campaign. Somewhere I read on these pages this morning that the D establishment is claiming that 80% of Sanders' supporters now support Clinton. I don't believe that for one f#$%&#g minute. What they should have said is that 80% of jaded, amoral, mendacious neo-liberal pundits now support Hillary.


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