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Inmates Credited for 'Effectively Ending' Solitary in California



Virtually no prisoner will ever be held in the SHU for more than 10 continuous years.

The maximum (theoretically) allowed at Guantanamo is 30 days.

Professor Juan Méndez, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, says “indefinite and prolonged solitary confinement in excess of 15 days should also be subject to an absolute prohibition,”

Still, the important part of this agreement is that the inmate can be placed in solitary ONLY IF he has done something wrong inside the prison, and a definite time must be set - no more solitary forever.


If torture is morally wrong and if torture violates the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution, then why don't they close down Rikers next?


I organized a citizens' group to investigate and put an end to various forms of police corruption in my neighborhood back in the 90s, with some stunning successes. Policing the cops.


It seems years ago now but I remember the horror S/C does to someone, they become nonpersons, in effect...when released from S/C it should be mandatory rehab because of the loss of identity...maybe? we are becoming more humane? Maybe?