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Inmates Launch Series of Work Stoppages to Protest ‘Slave Labor’


Inmates Launch Series of Work Stoppages to Protest ‘Slave Labor’

Sonali Kolhatkar

Prisoners in dozens of correctional facilities around the nation launched a labor strike Sept. 9, a day that, appropriately, was the 45th anniversary of New York’s Attica prison rebellion. The U.S. incarcerates the greatest number of people in the world, and most of them are expected to work inside the prisons that hold them, usually for well below minimum wage.


Thanks for reminding me of these issues, Sonali. The out of sight, out of mind (and often privatized) prison system is an atrocity. Were we to use the incarceration system for rehabilitation and not exploitation our society would be greatly improved. Instead, we see prisoners running around in pink in Maricopa County because Arpaio and his ilk only see retribution as the goal. The DOJ should have shut down his circus tent along time ago.


True crime is being carried out, behind Prison walls, against our Citizens.

Sentenced, yet now, never allowed to actually “Pay their Debt to Society” and move on, as they are hindered from living a normal life for the remainder of their days due to the indelible stigma that has been placed on those of our Citizens convicted of crimes, innocent or not.

What’s been done to RaSun, alone, should warrant punishment to his tormentors, but who does one turn to when the very people entrusted with protecting his Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights are the ones denying them.