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Inner Circle Infection as Trump's National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien Tests Positive for Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/27/inner-circle-infection-trumps-national-security-adviser-robert-obrien-tests-positive

German Biotech Corp Curevac is making promising progress developing a treatment/cure for the lung plague COVID-19. The German government just recently has become one of the biggest shareholders with nearly $400million. They argue they want to avoid Donald Trump getting his hands on a future treatment/cure by Curevac. Trump had expressed interest in the corporation’s research.
The Government/Curevac deal is intended to prevent the company from being acquired by a foreign investor and/or relocating.
What appears like protectionism is really a smart move by the German government. Just imagine a COVID-19 treatment/vaccine in the hands of Donald Trump…


Ya sleep with dogs…

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But the question remains, how would an old fat man fare if he contracted covid-19.
Has trump been shooting up Lysol and not telling us.
Did we unleash this virus secretly. I only suggest this because of the weird way trump is handling this.
We thought paper towels were ridiculous for fixing hurricane damage, but the virus response boggles the mind as much, or more than the paper towel solution.


And over in Europe:



Lightning does strike. Let’s pray for more “stormy” weather in DC.


Dang, that’s too bad.  We’re in serious danger of a stolen election if Tweetle-Dumb is still alive in Nov-
ember . . .

Hopefully there will be at least two old fat men infected within the next few weeks – Tweetle-Dumb and
Barr-Barr – and they will both suffer the lingering, painful deaths that these two TRAITORS deserve!


Hard to believe The Adams Family was only on tv from 1964-66. “YOU RANG!”

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On Sat Nov 16 2019 Trump was whisked off to Walter Reed and the reason never explained. The Pentagon likely has a vaccine, which is why Moderna got out of the gate so suddenly, the US miliitary helping through USMRIID to fund Wuhan’s WIV, UNC, NIH “research” into these bat coronaviruses to come up with this gain-of-function plague. Fauci himself at NIAID provided $450 million from US taxpayers in 2017, right after #45’s administration restarted and funded gain-of-function bioweapon programs to poke at the agriculture and economic systems of the Red Dragon as their “trade talks” program. Of course, if this came out in the mass media, this administration would be locked up with their monster plague…


That makes the most sense so far, and makes us realize conspiracies go on all of the time.

Trade towers were built with tons of asbestos. We should think about that one a little more.

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Sometimes karma can come through.

I have wondered the same about what you write. Trump is a narcist germaphobe, yet has refused until recently to wear a mask, and has been exposed to people who have later been confirmed to test positive for the virus. Yet none of that seems to bother him, it doesn’t make sense.
The people of the US and the world, just can’t catch a break.


This is a comprehensive review of the dangers of US-led gain-of-function research and how it led to this lab-created pandemic with scientific evidence, plus a petition link at the bottom:

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Nice link, I’ve been reading Cummins since his days contributing to the Rodale Institutes’ “New Farm” magazine in the 1980’s. The information also confirms what Professor Francis Boyle, the author of the “Bioweapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989” and the updated version, has been saying since this pandemic started.


If your interested there are quite a few vid.'s on YT with Dr. Boyle, interviewed about the subject.

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Thank You for the complement, but IIRC, my family name is spelled with two (2, count 'em, 2) 'd’s — Addams.   And don’t forget the two superb Addams Family movies, in one of which Wednesday asks if Girl Scout Cookies are made from real Girl Scouts.   Hillarious!!

“There is no danger”? Too bad!

Thanks, Reconfire. I watch every Francis Boyle interview I can find. I don’t tweet but I watch Sam Husseini’s Twitter feed and his interviews too. I’m most concerned about the CDC closing Fort Detrick (50 miles from DC and less from us and our families) beween June 2019 and April 2020.

Fort brass met with Town of Frederick MD Nov 18 2019 and reported from their monitoring of the sewer system there. So that’s where I think this all started. We likely had it as 2020 opened, after we went to Lancaster PA where the hotel offered New Years Eve party and buffet with several hundred people inc’g at least 9 military families. Two women in our neighborhood of 18 homes died of respiratory infections in Nov and Dec. Another woman neighbor had to go on oxygen this winter after a protracted cough and lung damage.

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There was a story about doctors in South Fl. a while back (I lost it as well as many other links when my hard drive crashed), where they went back and looked at the chest x-rays from the end of 2019 of patients with a “mysterious” flu, once they had COVID 19 x-rays to compare. They claimed both x-rays show the exact same lung damage, and now believe those cases in 2019 were COVID 19 cases.
I had heard rumors about the FT. Detrick release, but had no idea there was a meeting with town officials.

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What the CDC called and tracked as “EVALI Eletronic Vaping Asso’d Lung Injury” between July 2019 and March 2020–1st death attributed 8/23/19 on CDC site, with the same lung damage shown in images–were actually the first SARS-CoV-19-2 infections.

The Frederick meeting was covered by Heather Mongilio, reporter for the Frederick News-Post with the Fort Detrick beat:

"The Containment Laboratory Community Advisory Committee (CLCAC) advises and makes recommendations to the city and the mayor on containment laboratories, such as the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. In July, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention halted research in USAMRIID’s biosafety level 3 and 4 laboratories due to biosafety lapses, including concerns about chemical sterilization of laboratory wastewater after the steam sterilization plant at Fort Detrick was stopped in 2018.

"In the report, the CLCAC concluded that there is likely little risk to the community from the lapses in biosafety practices and wastewater decontamination that led the CDC to halt research.

"The chemical decontamination used by USAMRIID to handle wastewater “was probably sufficient to ensure that there was little risk of illness among Frederick residents or Fort Detrick staff,” according to the report.

"However, the CLCAC cannot independently conclude that there is no risk from environmental contamination of the grounds around the fort’s steam sterilization plant. The steam sterilization plant was stopped after it flooded during the May 2018 flooding.

"Following the stop, Fort Detrick and USAMRIID officials briefed local and congressional leaders, USAMRIID spokeswoman Caree Vander Linden said in a statement.

“Environmental sampling of the area was conducted and no infectious agent was detected outside of containment areas. There is no risk to employee health, public health, or the environment,” Vander Linden said in the email.”


This and Frederick News-Post articles linked to these two describe a bit more of what happened and no “likely” contamination outside the containment area (“probably”!?!):

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Thanks for the links. I was thinking the same thing before I got to the end of your post, “probably” is so reassuring, especially when talking about biological weapons.

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