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Innocent Infants


Innocent Infants

Christopher Brauchli

....An infant crying in the night
An infant crying for the light:
And with no language but a cry.
—Alfred, Lord Tennyson, In Memoriam


I heard that interview on NPR with Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen. I wanted the suck-up (NPR of course) interviewer to tell her she needs to go home and look at herself in a mirror and say, “I am a monster.” She is, indeed a “monster.” There is nothing redeeming about her. If she has children I hope someone removes them from her.


Whoever thought these policies up needs to be put in a mental institution, Ms. Nielsen that’s how we deal with psycho’s hear in the US.


The Ruling Class Observer on immigration:


When he says liberals, I think “Regensordo” means “neoliberals”


You cannot justify such cruel and barbaric actions under any circumstances. Sessions and Nielsen need to burn in hell. Look what we have become here in America.


No one is watching.
Everyone is preoccupied by making it to the next day, and if you are lucky, through to the next month.

They cannot believe the atrocities that are being committed against them in the workplace and at home by those closest to them. Others cannot fathom their loss of privilege and how close they are to the ever burgeoning population of the homeless.

whether it is few darker pigmented children or the bonafide terrorist infants of the intifada, it is an incessant feast of helpless lives. The powerful are keeping their status by cannibalizing the new born.

Just as they have through the centuries.
We are back in true equilibrium.

Don’t you have a cute cat video to watch?
Egalitarianism Shmegalitrianism.


Many men from certain countries and cultures are, dare I say, animals, should we have to take in tens of millions of their victims?


Yes, Mr. Brauchli, I agree that the policy of separating children from their caregivers is inhumane. Thank you for saying so.

And: in linking the separation of children from their families when “citizens” are incarcerated for crimes, the “public servant” defending this hideously violent policy unwittingly reveals the whole dis-ease.

Within modernity, within mental supremacy, we have been acting as if it is o.k. to traumatize the children in punishing the “crimes” of their adult family members.

We have been radically underestimating the degree of damage that those kids—and their kids, and their kids—will suffer.

We have been radically underestimating the way the suffering of those children transmits itself to others, culturally as well as (epi)genetically.

We are mostly standing aghast, wondering how this plague of violence could possibly have befallen us, given our high ideals and good intentions, as the trauma tsunami we have spawned hits our shores with overwhelming force…

We fail to face into the “elusive obvious” (Moshe Feldenkrais) here.

Cruelty does not facilitate learning. Cruelty does not facilitate cooperation. Cruelty does not facilitate creativity.

We know this as a species now. Yet we continue to sanction cruel punishments for those we deem to “deserve” them.

We fail to recognize that this cruelty damages us, our children, all our relations.

Because keeping everyone convinced that cruelty is our nature is highly rewarding for some. Because keeping everyone convinced we can’t do any better, that there are no robust alternatives to this cruelty, is highly profitable—financially and otherwise—for a few.

There is no True alternative to the outright pathology of the current “immigration debate” but to strike to the heart of the matter, over and over again.

We are all Earth’s children. We all need to be free to roam and live wherever our Mother calls us.

Immigration is a device that permits that freedom to capital, but never to labor. To money, but never to ordinary folks. To the predators, who foment and feed on the inequity and immiseration that drives people to flee their homes, but never to their prey.

This whole mental supremacist/dominator paradigm has to go, is going. Crumbling under the weight of its own terminal self-contradictions. Crumpling due to the absolute corruption that has spread outward from the heart, and fatally weakened the old collective social body…

Pussyfooting around this reality—the reality that foundational Change is happening, whether humans like it or not—will not serve us now.

Training for resilience—for creativity and cooperation—is the only logical—and humane—course now.

Thus, any person who really wants to see us grow beyond our ancient propensities for cruelty and violence must recognize, and reject, all movements that lead instead to a blunting of our capacity for radical creativity.

Sectarianism, fanatisicism, fascism are all movements that attempt to control the wild play of our unity within our diversity. They would create human as well as ecological monoculture, where Nature says always that diversity is critical to sustainability and resilience.

Thus, these unnatural, alienating urges be rejected absolutely, patiently and persistently dug up from the roots, and gradually replaced with more cooperative ones, for as long as it takes to free ourselves from the inner tyranny of these “invasive exotics”.

There is no room for “polite” compromise on this point, although there are unlimited ways to express the Truth.

“Violence brings one thing—
more and more of the same.”

—Michael Franti


Do you know of anyone who’s never broken any law? I sure don’t. The Rich, the Powerful, the White Male have routinely gotten away with breaking all sorts of laws. Fact is, it’s hard to live in this country without breaking some law, whether intentionally or accidentally. In a larger sense, we are all criminals for allowing, aiding and/or abetting our
Government’s repeated violations of International Law.

We have more laws than ever before. Most laws are enforced selectively and/or intermittently; some hardly at all. But the fact remains that families fleeing for their lives
are not vicious criminals looking to harm anyone. To separate them from their children is
cruel, unnecessary and though it may be “legal”, is in reality a great moral crime indeed.


It would be helpful if “media pundits” would become real and use the language properly. Most of the people who undergo the drastic trip to cross “borders” are refugees who are not casually walking around. Nor are they criminals but poor people seeking refuge from base conditions which have been forced upon them.


There are millions of undocumented people people living in the U.S. and thousands at the border every month. What should we do? What do you say to the millions of immigrants that come here legally? Btw legal immigration doesn’t insure that a family will stay together. I know one immigrant from Fiji that has a sister in Australia, and other family members in Canada. The same for an East Indian woman, but most of her family is in Canada. The U.S. is not the first choice, but not everyone can chose where they want to live. Including those in the U.S.