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'Insane and Pathological': Head of Iran's Central Bank Says US Blocking Covid-19 Vaccine Purchases

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/07/insane-and-pathological-head-irans-central-bank-says-us-blocking-covid-19-vaccine


Haven’t heard much recently from the dead bolt and pompous one. Is the stench here my imagination?


Crimes against Humanity.

Queue the Hague


Biological warfare now, pure and simple and disgusting.


The trump administration has no problem being responsible for American deaths, why would he about Iranians?
Let’s hope karma is strong wherever he treads.


“He says Iran can’t transfer funds for the vaccine because OFAC hasn’t issued a license.”

Ok. So give them the vaccine and worry about payment later when dump is finally dumped and sanctions have been (hopefully) reversed.


What you sow you reep…


this is called genocide–how low the mighty have fallen–from a light on the hill to genocidal maniacs


Unquestionably unconscionable, but keep in mind that the “foreign policy success” of JCPOA was a carrot wielded by a “Peace Prize winner” waving a very big sanctions stick, and all over a non existent nuclear weapons program.



Americans too, it seems.

Keep in mind this is not new nor is it restricted to the Trump Adminsitration.

Madeline Albright did openly claim that the deaths of 500000 Iraqi children due to US sanctions preventing equipment to treat water supplies from reaching that Country as being “worth it”.

FOIA requests showed the US Military detailing how they destroyed the Iraq water treatment plants in Gulf War 1. In those documents the US Military predicted hundreds of thousands of deaths due to the inability of Iraq to properly treat drinking water. They concluded and hoped that this would lead to an uprising so that Hussein could be toppled.

The USA used Chemical and Germ Warfare directed towards Civilians in Korea and in Vietnam as well.


Hi SuspiraDeprodundis:

Sadly in America, Heartlessness leads to Brainlessness.
What the US does to the people of Iran is cruel and unnecessary, but it’s the same way America treats Yemen too. : (



No, it’s not. They’re all rested up after their embarrassing war-shilling against Venezuela in January, 2019. Don’t get your hopes that anything much will change this January, though. Biden may offer the Iranians a rotten carrot but the stick shall remain.

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Crimes against humanity?!!

You’re obviously not a true American. The only humans are Christians. Jesus told me that when he appeared in my Cheerios this morning.

Further, the Eye-ranians aren’t just Muslims … but they’re the bad kind of Muslims. I’m not sure exactly what that means but Pastor Jerry said so and that’s good enough for me.

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It’s most important that the fact that this is neither new nor restricted to the Trump administration.

The Drone King, Obama, got a pass on genocide because he’s, well, you know … .

There’s really nothing to see here, so just move along … .